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Photos released of Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte

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eloisesparkle Sun 06-May-18 19:00:15

Lovely pic but a little fuzzy to my eyes.
For me the clarity isn't great.
I don't know why they didn't release a photo of all three children hmm

ProudAunty2nine Sun 06-May-18 02:19:21

Little Charlotte is so lovely those little waves when she went into the hospital to see the new baby were so gorgeous. She seems such a bright relaxed chilled out little girl, she melts my heart every time I see a pic of her

EachandEveryone Sun 06-May-18 01:48:39

He really is lovely.

headinhands Sun 06-May-18 01:38:36

Oh he's gorgeous. He looks perfect.

JaneJeffer Sun 06-May-18 01:37:02


SubtitlesOn Sun 06-May-18 01:27:00

I like the fact that they take the photos themselves as family photos then choose which ones to release to the public smilesmilesmile

So they have complete control, rather than the newspapers and celeb mags/rags

GnotherGnu Sun 06-May-18 01:09:44

Must admit, in the red-faced one he looked to me as if he was doing a poo ...

HateSummer Sun 06-May-18 01:07:59

Cute! He looks a lot like William and George there.

Marcipex Sun 06-May-18 01:07:10

lovely pics.

Copperbonnet Sun 06-May-18 01:05:15

Grey did your parents never teach you “if you can’t say anything nice...”


Grasslands Sun 06-May-18 01:00:39


GreyGardens88 Sun 06-May-18 00:51:59

Looks like any other baby, i.e. a potato

SubtitlesOn Sun 06-May-18 00:36:47


photos taken by Duchess of Cambridge

Really cute


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