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When The Queen dies...

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sunnyjune Sat 28-Apr-18 14:34:26

And Charles becomes King, will William become the new Prince of Wales?

Kate would then become Princess of Wales and I just wonder if they'd want another Princess of Wales.

I know it's been almost 21 years since Diana's death, but it still seems so fresh. The title is still so heavily associated with Diana, I wonder if William and Harry would want that.

TwoAndTwoEqualsChaos Sun 29-Apr-18 13:13:21

I recall reading this about Princess Augusta, a Grand-daughter of George III, Aunt to Queen Mary and Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz; presumably, although the records are better, we will be in a very similar situation, due to the length of HM the Queen's reign:

"In making preparations for the coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra in 1901, the Duke of Norfolk consulted her on matters of etiquette and attire. This was due to her presence at the Coronation of King William IV and Queen Adelaide seventy-one years earlier. She was nine years old at the time and kissed the Queen's hand. She was also able to provide details of the Coronation of Queen Victoria, (she was then sixteen)."

BishopBrennansArse Sun 29-Apr-18 17:08:02

@MillicentF ah well I'll just watch Netflix 😂

PrincessoftheSea Sun 29-Apr-18 20:37:41

One day only? I need time to mourn😫

squarecorners Tue 01-May-18 22:17:34

I think they will be a good p&p of Wales. A nice refreshing change.

sunnyjune Tue 01-May-18 22:57:45

I agree @squarecorners

Will be abit strange at first though as I associate 'princess of Wales' with Diana so much!

I think there is no better replacement than Catherine, though.

It's weird how I don't give a damn about Charles' title, the weak, spineless, ass😩. All the qualities one wishes for in a future head of state!

eloisesparkle Wed 02-May-18 07:46:06

When Charles becomes King, Camilla becomes Queen.
Bad behaviour gets rewarded. sad
I don't know how William and Harry can be in the same room as her.
If she didn't make herself available to Charles that marriage might have stood a chance.

Turnitupdrhill Wed 02-May-18 07:59:44

If you work in the public sector, you may be asked to wear mourning at work for a specified period.


When the royal family start wearing mourning over the death of a member of my family, I'll start wearing it for them.

ILikeMyChickenFried Wed 02-May-18 08:22:00

If she didn't make herself available to Charles that marriage might have stood a chance.

hmm that marriage never stood a chance.

PortBlacksandResidentStill Wed 02-May-18 08:30:50

I thought that youtube tune was going to be the sad one discussed earlier grin

Butteredparsn1ps Wed 02-May-18 08:35:22

I’m intrigued by the suggestion upthread that no work would be done on behalf of the crown for a mourning period of some days.

Where might this leave Brexit negotiations, if the timings were to coincide I wonder?

QueenOfTheAndals Wed 02-May-18 08:48:35

I was hoping Charles declines the throne when the time comes

Hah, no chance. The man is past retirement age and still waiting to start his job. There's no way he's going to decline it!

ILikeMyChickenFried Wed 02-May-18 09:28:29

I don't think there's anyway William wants to take it up either at the moment.

sunnyjune Wed 02-May-18 19:14:26

No their marriage never stood a chance, he loved Camilla and should have just stood up for himself and married her.

Imagine marrying someone because your dad and granny tell you to fully knowing from the get go you don't love them? It's so odd!

I don't know how William and Harry can stand it, it must have been very difficult at first especially so soon after losing their mother. I suppose feelings mellow over the years and Camilla does actually seem to be an ok kinda person, if you discount all the cheating.

ChoudeBruxelles Wed 02-May-18 19:15:58

Really not that recent though and there have been plenty of princesses of wales before Diana.

didofido Fri 08-Feb-19 13:07:55

I had chicken pox during the coronation celebrations and couldn't go to any of the kids' parties or TV watchings (we didn't have a telly).

The family were all so sorry for me and bought me lots of books about kings of the past, coronation ceremonies etc etc. I particularly remember having to ask about King Stephen and the Anarchy, and what "Usurper" meant.

Almost certainly the reason I later studied mediaeval history at Uni...!

mermaidbutmytailfelloff Fri 08-Feb-19 13:24:36


IndianaJonesAndTheTempleOfDoom Thu 02-May-19 18:08:37

It will just be odd when he is King after never knowing any other monarch than the Queen.

Ethelswith Thu 02-May-19 19:11:14

My DMum remembers singing God Save the King

You'd probably have to be 70+ to remember that

AuntieStella Thu 02-May-19 19:12:55

I don't think it matters (for once) that this one is an old thread - it's not exactly a subject that goes off! Well, not until after the event when we'll all know the definitive answer.....

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