Royal Pregnancies, Babies and Baby Names

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Mightybanhammer Thu 22-Mar-18 23:44:57

And I doubt they will name him after Prince Rupert of the Rhine, somehow.
Similarly not John Richard or David.
No one taught history these days?
My money is on Alice or Mary or Victoria ( prob not with Spencer divorce connection) Eleanor? Matilda?
Or Arthur or Alfred with Philip in there. Possibly a nod to poor Léopold the haemophiliac? Prince Leo?

TheMadGardener Fri 16-Mar-18 22:03:36

Probably not David as the Queen's uncle Edward VIII was David to the family and the Queen and her mother disliked him for saddling George VI with the stress of kingship.

satnc Sat 03-Mar-18 23:26:29

I'm really sure it won't be Alexandra as George's middle names are Alexander Louis.

greenlavender Fri 02-Mar-18 20:38:30

Def not Richard or John - bad royal names. There's a living Prince Michael, so not him either.

whitecremeegg Sun 28-Jan-18 19:31:54

Alice, Eleanor or Isabella for a girl

David, John, Alexander or Michael for a boy

SleepingStandingUp Fri 05-Jan-18 22:43:50

I love Prince Rupert!!
Another little one for Zars in the summer - another modern name.
Then an early 2019 Harghan baby with an American name

FingerlingUnderling Thu 04-Jan-18 17:57:39

Prince Rupert. Very medieval! William has a close friend called Rupert too.


EdithWeston Thu 04-Jan-18 14:14:36

For a boy, I think Rupert; for a girl Alexandra or Alice

Yes, I expect H&M will want DC (H has said he does so many times that I can't imagine he'd want to marry someone who didn't) and there's no reason for them to wait. A baby within a year?

FingerlingUnderling Thu 04-Jan-18 14:09:07

No idea on the sex of K&W's baby. She is, as ever, quite small bumped. Not sure on Nicholas due to the Tsar connections. Richard might be a goer given the previous popularity of Prince Richard. Or perhaps Albert. I agree Phillip might make it in there and/or Louis (although I cannot remember George's middle names). If it were a girl, I wonder about Alice or Alexandra.

I had no idea Zara had been pregnant again.

I imagine that H & M might try for a family ASAP as M is 36 which is old biologically speaking. They have quite similar facial structure, have you noticed? Similar noses.

NapQueen Sat 30-Dec-17 19:42:05

Tucked it onto this board as I know not everyone is arsed about the RF.

Reckon Kate and Wills will have another boy, with Philip in there somewhere. Possibly Nicholas too?

Think Zara is pregnant again from recent news articles with pics, hope it is a successful one after her previous late mc.

Wonder if PH and MM will be quick off the mark after the wedding with offspring?

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