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Meghan and Harry engagement on Monday??

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NorthernLurker Sat 18-Nov-17 22:49:50

So she's packed in her acting job, they are visibly besotted, it's the queen and Prince philip's 70th anniversary on Monday......perfect day for an announcement and a summer wedding after Kate has given birth?

Butterymuffin Mon 27-Nov-17 22:14:14

If the due date is actually earlier, it would, though. To me 'spring' means March, April or May. They could go for early May and have Kate and the new baby there with ease.

I also predict that the government are currently saying 'no bank holiday' so that when Brexit turns into even more of a total balls up, they can throw us all a bone, say they're 'bowing to the will of the people' hmm and get some favourable coverage from the Express and Mail.

CotswoldStrife Mon 27-Nov-17 21:49:59

I have read that Windsor Castle is closed for a private event on 20th April ... not sure if it is for the wedding as that won't give Kate much time!

Snap8TheCat Mon 27-Nov-17 21:28:07

I see, yes that sounds right.

I do hope it is in Windsor —maybe a local—

Battleax Mon 27-Nov-17 21:25:50

Oh I think it's that St George's chapel is perfectly suitable and enabled for Christian wedding ceremonies, but Charles wanted to have his civil service in Windsor Castle itself. But that would have meant making the Castle available as a wedding venue for any old pleb, so they abandoned that plan grin

The blessing was in the chapel though, wasn't it? If C&C had been able to have a church wedding, they'd have done the whole thing there.

Snap8TheCat Mon 27-Nov-17 21:20:49

I thought things had changed. Charles didn’t marry there though- I thought that was the reason, because it meant they had to open it to the public for weddings.

Battleax Mon 27-Nov-17 21:15:42

St. George’s chapel isn’t licensed for weddings

I thought Edward and Sophie married there?

Or there's Scotland.

Snap8TheCat Mon 27-Nov-17 21:14:50

As long as it isn't in London. The traffic can't take it.

If London can’t then where can? St. George’s chapel isn’t licensed for weddings and the guild hall, whilst lovely isn’t very big.

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 27-Nov-17 21:06:31

I hope they don't go for the full shebang. He's 5th and will be 6th in line by the time they get married. It will be an embarrassment if they do the big national-event-wedding.

Battleax Mon 27-Nov-17 14:27:48

As long as it isn't in London. The traffic can't take it. Everything grinds to a halt (which is the real reason they had to declare a national holiday for W&K's shindig).

TurquoiseDress Mon 27-Nov-17 14:26:14

Here at work we're all wondering if it means we'll get a day off!

Am sure it'll be a wonderful big wedding smile

Battleax Mon 27-Nov-17 13:54:23

Here we go then. Crossing fingers they go for small, Windsor ceremony.

NorthernLurker Mon 27-Nov-17 10:41:27

Ok ok I was a week out....,.

SleepingStandingUp Mon 27-Nov-17 10:23:53

Oooh Spring wedding.

SleepingStandingUp Sat 25-Nov-17 23:28:26

For those that sent "keen", why not?

I can't imagine theyre aiming for before Kate has the baby - must surely be after as
April was given as the date

Butterymuffin Sun 19-Nov-17 00:40:10

Tricky timing. Royals all have short engagements, under six months, so if they announce anything before Christmas they'll be scrambling to get it in before Kate has the baby.

BeerBaby Sun 19-Nov-17 00:22:27

I think late December, January announcement. I think they probably are engaged or at least very stable. Not sure I'm keen either but it's got nothing to do with anyone other than them.

kooshbin Sun 19-Nov-17 00:11:10

It's the institution that mostly holds the power in "how things are done", and the Queen does tend to go along with the rules. No doubt there have been lots of conversations behind closed doors about Meghan's suitability as a royal bride.

Kate does seem to be doing a good job at being a Stepford Royal, so maybe the palace courtiers hope Meghan will do likewise.

Not that I'd envy anyone marrying into the Royal Family.

Battleax Sun 19-Nov-17 00:06:58

But no, it's the sodding model turned actress he goes for.

You must have noticed that that's what rich but not especially bright men do? (When they're freed from virgin/aristo/royalty/reputation restrictions.) smile

BatteredBreadedOrSouthernFried Sun 19-Nov-17 00:04:52

obviously " like" that... not that tricky surely.

Not tricky at all, just incomplete. And not obvious. When did you start speaking for other posters?

OliviaStabler Sun 19-Nov-17 00:02:21

Never going to happen.

LipstickHandbagCoffee Sun 19-Nov-17 00:01:35

Lol,the royal family historically and currently dysfunctional.history of marrying cousins
Royal family aren’t role models of clean living given their track record of scandal and impropriety

Goshthatwentwell Sun 19-Nov-17 00:01:10

obviously " like" that... not that tricky surely...

I think ( even though Julian is on the wide up that it is a little disappointing. Harry is in the privileged position of meeting intresting woman from across the world. But no, it's the sodding model turned actress he goes for.

Battleax Sat 18-Nov-17 23:56:05

It's certainly got Prince and the Showgirl appeal. I'm not looking forward to Megan-mania either, TBH. I don't want to watch Suits or listen to all the relatives being interviewed under a three line whip.

BatteredBreadedOrSouthernFried Sat 18-Nov-17 23:45:35

The Royal Family really don't need someone that.

That what?

Your post is hilarious. 😂

juliantortoise Sat 18-Nov-17 23:43:06

Hopefully never. The Royal Family really don't need someone that. Unfortunately, William lowered the barriers when he married Kate M. hope his brother doesn't go downmarket as well. The Queen must be very worried.

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