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WWYD? Knitted kangaroo, or other Royal baby present?

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AuntieStella Thu 11-Jul-13 16:35:40

Well, I bet they don't have a list!

And we know the recent former Australian PM is knitting a kangaroo, and that the people of Finland will be presenting one of their normal maternity boxes.

And here's a BBC quiz, asking you to guess where in the world various items are the traditional baby gift.

I'm wondering what have been the best/worst baby presents might be...

AuntieStella Thu 11-Jul-13 20:44:48

I got only 1/6 in the quiz - anyone else try it?

meditrina Mon 22-Jul-13 11:02:43

Thread "In the News" about the deluge of gifts from the public that are already appearing.

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