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The next King or Queen!!!!!

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Countmyblessings Tue 04-Dec-12 08:24:04

Most of us have heard the news that The Duchess of Cambridge "Kate Middleton" is expecting!
This announcement has been made very early due to her really bad morning sickness!
What do you think about the news is it exciting or our you thinking whats all the huge fuss about!
Share your views as we start this " Royal pregnancy watch" as we are not going to be able to avoid this huge news buzz!!! smile

RileyTheLittleMonster Tue 04-Dec-12 20:45:24

Hello count!

I'm very happy for them, but I think getting sent to hospital over "acute morning sickness" as they called it is abit of a joke considering many mumsnetters have very complicated pregnancies and dont even get a scan for reasurance.

Plus I'm not a royalist, but its always happy news to find out someone is pregnant, congratulations to them smile

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