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Duchess of Cambridge pregnant!

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prayingmantisgroupie Mon 03-Dec-12 16:12:58

According to ITV news via Twitter. Congrats to them if it's true!!grin

prayingmantisgroupie Mon 03-Dec-12 16:15:03

Just seen there's already a thread in chat- ah well!!! smile

SoupDragon Mon 03-Dec-12 16:15:26

True according to the Telegraph

Seems she is already throwing up spectacularly - poor thing!

Congratulations and good luck to them.

Pickles77 Mon 03-Dec-12 16:18:05

This news has made me very happy.
Because they are going to have a little boy and my DD shall marry him wink
<goes off to dream>

MistletoeAndTomHardyPlease Mon 03-Dec-12 16:19:30

Really???? Omg smile

SoupDragon Mon 03-Dec-12 16:19:53

I want them to have a girl so she can be queen.

headfairy Mon 03-Dec-12 16:20:46

Def true... had it confirmed at work <taps nose>

SrirachaGirl Mon 03-Dec-12 16:22:06

Yay! Is it sad that this has made me REALLY happy?

wannabedomesticgoddess Mon 03-Dec-12 16:22:12

Aww. Good news smile

MoomieAndFreddie Mon 03-Dec-12 16:22:28

Awww! smile

Gigondas Mon 03-Dec-12 16:22:34

Does that mean they will revisit the aibu about woman who gave her a baby grow?

caramelwaffle Mon 03-Dec-12 16:22:42

Congratulations to the couple thanks

mrsd277 Mon 03-Dec-12 16:23:14

Bets for names?

reastie Mon 03-Dec-12 16:23:20

Just heard on fb this. Apparently sky news are reporting it too so it must be true . Very happy for them, but poor Kate with extreme ms <nods in understanding>

Northernlurker Mon 03-Dec-12 16:23:45

It's on the bbc too. Poor Kate. Lovely news but she'll feel like death warmed up at the moment.

FivesAndNorks Mon 03-Dec-12 16:24:15


MogwaiTheGremlin Mon 03-Dec-12 16:24:48

So pleased for them, I'm such a royalist hoorah! grin

SantaKissedBonkeyMollocks Mon 03-Dec-12 16:24:56

Awww, this makes me smile

SantaKissedBonkeyMollocks Mon 03-Dec-12 16:25:06

...if its true!

headfairy Mon 03-Dec-12 16:25:43

Diana if it's a girl!

Songbird Mon 03-Dec-12 16:26:20

Aaaaaah [wipes a tear]

RabidCarrot Mon 03-Dec-12 16:27:29


CleansLate Mon 03-Dec-12 16:27:34

HG is terrible, and she's so thin to begin with - I had HG with DS2 and lost 2 stone, it was awful.

RabidCarrot Mon 03-Dec-12 16:28:19

So will she be joining Mumsnet now?

iMe Mon 03-Dec-12 16:28:50


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