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DofE - more to it?

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awbless Sun 19-Aug-12 12:41:42

Prince Philip in hospital for 4 days now with a blaldder infection. It seems like a long time - anyone else thinking there is more to it than they are letting on? This is the third time this year.

Can't imagine he would be an easy patient - and would probably want to get out asap.

OhNoMyFoot Sun 19-Aug-12 12:44:38

You can be very poorly with it so not necessarily anything more to it.

sleepyhead Sun 19-Aug-12 13:04:24

No. He's just very old and his immune system will be extremely poor so something like this will be difficult to shake off.

EdithWeston Tue 21-Aug-12 08:07:13

The "tumbleweed curse" of this forum seems to have struck again.

Here's a link to the In The News thread where there are far more posts.

EdithWeston Tue 21-Aug-12 08:40:31

And he is clearly very popular here - here's another thread started only this morning now he's recovered and dropped from the News.

awbless Tue 21-Aug-12 19:35:31

Ah thanks for this Edith. I clearly posted this in the wrong place. Thanks for link to news thread

JustFabulous Tue 21-Aug-12 19:37:50

What I really hate is threads like this are really posted because they OP wants to say "Is he dying/dead?"

awbless Wed 22-Aug-12 19:32:06

justfab honestly not the case. I am a royalist. I genuinely did think it was a long time in hospital 'just' for a bladder infection. I know the palace never give much away and from posts from those with more knowledge than me, it's clear that it is not unusual.

And he did look very well when leaving.

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