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Honours list - when? And anything special for Jubilee Year?

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EdithWeston Wed 13-Jun-12 18:20:45

I'm pretty sure I've not missed one, but I though they usually came out on the weekend closest to the Official Birthday, which has been and gone, as have all the extra Jubilee celebrations.

Does anyone know if there will be a List this month, and if so when is it coming out? (And why is I later than usual, or have I just imagined that?)

An will there be any special Jubilee Honours?

EdithWeston Thu 14-Jun-12 16:33:45

No one know?

Or just no-one else care?

EdithWeston Thu 14-Jun-12 20:40:32



EdithWeston Fri 15-Jun-12 12:24:09

(needily) bumping one more time

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