Duchess of Cambridge is looking gorgeous!

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IWantSummer Sun 03-Jun-12 14:06:29

Stunning stunning outfit!

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DottyDot Sun 03-Jun-12 14:07:34

not sure about the skirt - something about the length/pleats..?!

vanimal Sun 03-Jun-12 14:07:57

Agree, she looks amazing! Those crowd-goers she spoke to must be so chuffed!

Sposh Sun 03-Jun-12 14:09:04

Not sure I'd have worn anything with the potential of upflipping in the wind, myself


Bossybritches22 Sun 03-Jun-12 14:10:33

Loving the jubilee red!

Mind you the girl would look good in a black bin liner......grin

Kellamity Sun 03-Jun-12 14:11:03

She looks lovely! smile

liveinazoo Sun 03-Jun-12 14:13:08

i agree with bossy britches re bin liner remark

does she ever put a foot wrong?

that girl may lack the "blue blood" but has slid into the role beautifully and always looks fabulous!

reddaisy Sun 03-Jun-12 14:14:17

Utterly gorgeous

sailorsgal Sun 03-Jun-12 14:15:09

They all look fabulous.

Ds 5 just said the Queen looks like a nice lady.

juneybean Sun 03-Jun-12 14:15:50

Aww I love the Queen's outfit! They do look fab.

banyan Sun 03-Jun-12 14:16:33

I'm wondering why I have an opinion on this really, but while Kate looks great I'm quite liking the queen's outfit actually. Glad its not yellow or pale blue like she often wears. She should wear white more often.

coffeeinbed Sun 03-Jun-12 14:20:28

But what have they done to Sophie Raworth?
She looks ten years older and that hair is a disaster!

sailorsgal Sun 03-Jun-12 14:20:41

Wish we had gone to London now. sad The weather forecast put me off.

Bossybritches22 Sun 03-Jun-12 14:22:00

Snazzy detail on the queens & Camillas outfits & bless Her Maj has a pashmina in case she gets cold!!

invicta Sun 03-Jun-12 14:22:12

I thought Camilla looked nice also. We do do pageantry well in Britain.

Bossybritches22 Sun 03-Jun-12 14:22:51

crown ooh just found this!

bronze Sun 03-Jun-12 14:23:18

They've done well haven't they

IWantSummer Sun 03-Jun-12 14:24:26

Queen had her bag unlatched grin

Is the duchess wearing her spanx??

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DukeHumfrey Sun 03-Jun-12 14:26:39

It's a pashmina? I thought it was a towel in case she gets wet! blush

I reckon Duchess of Cambs has taken up the Queen's tip of sewing weights into her skirt hem to stop it exposing too much leg in the wind.

Bored of the annoying BBC studio people though - GO AWAY - I WANT TO SEE THE QUEEN.

DukeHumfrey Sun 03-Jun-12 14:27:13


WWYB Sun 03-Jun-12 14:27:45

Who is the woman with Will and Kate in a pale peach coat?

Bossybritches22 Sun 03-Jun-12 14:28:01

Invicta you're so right no-one does a bit of pomp like us Brits!!

sailorsgal Sun 03-Jun-12 14:28:26

Harry is on his own. Bless him.

coffeeinbed Sun 03-Jun-12 14:28:49

I would assume it's the Pageant Master's wife.

DukeHumfrey Sun 03-Jun-12 14:28:59


<mute button on>

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