Excited by the Jubilee? What are you planning?

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QueenEdith Sat 26-May-12 17:44:10

A thread for those of us who think this is a worthwhile celebration.

I've been Chief Purchasing Officer of stuff for DCs' entries in a Make a Jubilee Hat competition, and have been checking they all have enough stuff for the red, white and blue mufti day at school.

And hoping DM will have a local street party, as we're visiting her; sadly missing our Pub v Church cricket match.

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treedelivery Sat 26-May-12 17:48:03

I'm on nights and will be missing all the garden parties, park parties etc we have been invited to. I have to make a bonnet for school and have one free evening and no shopping time to do it in.

Not feeling the festive vibe one little bit [grumpy] Pah!

treedelivery Sat 26-May-12 17:49:35

I hope you and everyone else have a nive time though smile

Pascha Sat 26-May-12 18:01:47

Oh how disappointed I am to be missing our village celebration consisting of tea and cake in the village hall followed by a toast to the Queen and commemorative medals given to all under-8s, and a portrait competition for all children, pictures must only be drawn on paper supplied by Mrs Busybody or they will be disqualified hmm

I hate my village. I'm going to the one next door with the big party on the green, childrens entertainers, bouncy castle and live music in the evening.

Olympia2012 Sat 26-May-12 18:09:35

Tea party at home on Saturday. Doing traditional British food, decorating everywhere with bunting, flags etc..... Leaving the bunting up for Wimbledon, euro and Olympics! grin

On Sunday we are getting train to London to see the river pageant. No street party as we have just moved to a new build housing estate with only about 8 families here so far. Nobody knows anyone yet. Might be a good ice breaker though

NiceViper Sat 26-May-12 19:03:25

We decided not to try to see the Flotilla (after seeing something about how many bridges are going to be closed, we just thought it would be awful trying to get about). I am quite envious of those who know they can get to good vantage points.

Anyone here actually going to be on a boat?

treedelivery Sat 26-May-12 19:18:30

Aw, am envious of those of you near London. Must be a great place to be when events are on.

OUr town has limited celebrations. As in, none! hmm Our local park has organised a party though - can't go but am sure it will be ok.

RichardCranium Sat 26-May-12 20:07:12

I am!

We're off to our beach hut "street" party on Sunday and on Monday I'm off to London with my best friend for the picnic and concert at Buckingham Palace, staying over night in London and going home Tuesday night. VERY excited!

NiceViper Sun 27-May-12 08:39:40

So only handful of us planning anything?


inmysparetime Sun 27-May-12 08:48:00

We're going to a "picnic in the park" in the village this afternoon, and will go to some Jubilee festivities while on holiday in York too.
A lot of people are going away for the double BH but it's well worth finding out what's on where you're going too, or even making a jubilee celebration on holiday abroad (you can take the British out of Britain, but you can't take Britain out of the britsgrin)
Come on everyone, it's quite rare for a monarch to reach a diamond jubilee, crack out the bunting and have a nice pot of tea and some scones but don't try to pronounce the word "scones", it's controversial

I made my self DCs a Union flag top hat, which is so good (modest, moi?) several people asked where I bought itgrin.
I shall wear it at every opportunitysmile

MadeleineMorrow Sun 27-May-12 15:37:40

For those lucky enough to be in London for the flotilla - there is an excellent food market behind the Queen Elizabeth Hall at the Southbank - near Waterloo Bridge. They sell a great range of ready to eat foods and will be open on Sunday. Everything from burgers and hog roast to pimms and ice creams. If you want more info about what's on at the market go to www.kitchenjourneys.net/markets

Olympia2012 Sun 27-May-12 16:38:58

Pimms £4.50 a 'cupful'!!!shock

NiceViper Sun 27-May-12 19:11:05

I had my first Pimms of the year this week, and it was heavenly. That and Chelsea Flower show makes it feel like summer has really started (well, that and tree pollen, but that's another story).

I've also been superintending the production of child-decorated flags for the school bunting - something that was far more fun then I'd expected!

Sunflowergirl2011 Mon 28-May-12 08:11:48

For those going to the floatilla in London, where do you think will be a good place to watch it from? With 2 you g children? I am v excited about the jubilee but nothing happening locally so we off to London smile

AngryFeet Mon 28-May-12 08:16:40

I am having a themed BBQ (hopefully - dependant on weather). Got lots of bunting, union flag tableware, facepaints for the kids etc etc. Food will be burgers and hotdogs with salads. Puddings will be jubilee decorated cakes and icecream with strawberries smile

QueenEdith Tue 29-May-12 15:34:10

Is it the curse of this forum, or just not many people doing much?

Sunflowergirl: where are you coming from? There will be so many bridge and road closures that you need somewhere with a simple route and no need to cross the river.

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QueenEdith Wed 30-May-12 16:26:54

Here's a link to the BBC page which gives the main events the Queen will be attending over the whole Jubilee period (with some info on eg road closures in London).

It looks like it's going to be chaos, but I Hooe it will be good natured chaos!

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blondiedollface Wed 30-May-12 16:32:00

I am hoping my LO makes an appearance over the long weekend so DH gets to spend more time with her! As a result, nothing planned, v jealous of all your plans though ladies!

QueenEdith Wed 30-May-12 19:51:59

Hope it all goes well, blondiedollface - far more exciting and memorable than many of the planned events!

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QueenEdith Fri 01-Jun-12 13:03:36


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CrownPrincessOhDearNigel Fri 01-Jun-12 21:54:45

We are having a family party on Tuesday and watching the procession

HRNiceViperness Sat 02-Jun-12 08:54:31

We're en route to MIL, and hoping there will be something in her town that will welcome all-comers.

We'll be watching the big set pieces on the telly. MIL has all her descendants under one roof. It could be jolly, or it could be murder.

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