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This is not an anti-royal thread.

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MayaAngelCool Fri 18-May-12 23:54:30

I'd genuinely like to understand what people think is the point of the monarchy, because I just don't see much point apart from tourist attractions, and for that we have Madame Tussaud's wink

Please go ahead and explain in as much detail as you like: so, for example, if you're going to say 'continuity', you need to explain exactly what you mean by that and how you think it's beneficial.


QueenEdith Wed 30-May-12 20:32:55

I think there are huge advantages to a constitutional monarchy and a non-political head of state.

Separating those functions gives a different reach, internationally (and one we have done well from), and has provided benefits to eg charities and other organisations who find a Royal Patron enormously important.

There is no way one President could cover what the Royal family does. And I suspect that if there were an elected one, he'd be claiming he had a mandate, and putting time into politics not the current work portfolio.

MayaAngelCool Wed 30-May-12 20:25:42

Well I can still see no point in having a monarchy in this day and age.

In them thar olden days, monarchs would actually, literally lead the country, taking them into battle and taking responsibility for the success or failure of their country. There were tough decisions to be made for the benefit of the country, and the monarch would take them.

How different is that role from that of today, where Queen Elizabeth's position means nothing more than icing on the national cake. When people today talk about why they love the royals, their answers can be summed up thus:

Their existence makes some people feel nice for a bit.

That's it. Nothing more in it than sentimentality created in the heart of the beholder. I'd say that's a pretty poor investment from the national coffers.

henrysmama2012 Wed 30-May-12 20:04:24

I think they are pointless - in terms of tourism all the tourists would still come if the Royal Family was no more...

MayaAngelCool Sat 19-May-12 13:45:23

Arf at sleepless! You said it better than me.

And gawd, yes, there will always be Dubyas throughout history but at least you can get rid of them without a guillotine wink.

I didn't know that about Germany's system; perhaps I should learn more about how other states handle this (obviously for the day when I'm asked to redesign our constitution!).

sleeplessinsuburbia Sat 19-May-12 09:46:35

And the point of a head of state without any power is??? Attend opening ceremonies?? Magazine sales??

PullUpAPew Sat 19-May-12 08:37:07

I think you have glamourous, entertaining royals so the PM can get on with stitching up the country while we're all too busy talking about whether Diana Kate has an eating disorder.

SuePurblybilt Sat 19-May-12 08:32:19

Oh I loves 'em, that's reason enough for you, surely? wink

Thumbwitch Sat 19-May-12 08:27:54

Annie, of course I know you! smile Thank you, and you Tante and Sleepless!
Again, will keep the names mentioned in mind wink - in all fairness, if it's a girl, Fiona might be a contender, I've always liked it! But it might be unfair as it's one of DS's favourite films as well and I can already feel the way the teasing could go)

HandMadeTail Sat 19-May-12 06:52:18

Prince Phillip is great! But would you want him as a head of state? (Iknow he can't be head of state here, really, but in practise we could get someone like him (a family member, perhaps?) and not be able to get rid of them until they died.

I agree that the monarchy made for an interesting history, but our monarchy , under the current model won't affect history to any great extent.

If we don't like the US model, we could look to the German model, which is a bit like an elected president who does the things the Queen does. Head of state, but not in charge of government policy.

raininginbaltimore Sat 19-May-12 06:36:40

I'm not sure who is worse George W or Prince Philip.

HandMadeTail Sat 19-May-12 06:24:31

No we won't end up with George W Bush, but we won't have any choice if we get someone equally dippy.

marshmallowpies Sat 19-May-12 06:11:25

Point of the monarchy: means we don't have to elect a head of state who is connected to a political party, we have a figurehead who is neutral & above politics.

The Queen means we won't end up with George W Bush in the UK....and for that I'm grateful.

TanteRose Sat 19-May-12 05:28:43

Clicked on this to say that the Japanese royal family are even less useful that Britain's - our Emperor and Empress are in London at the mo

But OMG THUMB!!!! Huge congrats! grin thanks

AnnieOnAMapleLeaf Sat 19-May-12 04:59:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnnieOnAMapleLeaf Sat 19-May-12 04:57:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sleeplessinsuburbia Sat 19-May-12 04:41:24

I was thinking about this the other day, people say the tourism generates too much money to get rid of them but I honestly can't see why the tourists still wouldn't come and pose next to the guards, check out the palace etc if the actual queen was no more. I can't see how jobs would be lost as the palace etc would still need maintaining, I can see more income generated by charging to actually go inside (hiring out rooms??)

Congrats on the baby btw!

Thumbwitch Sat 19-May-12 01:09:19

I'll keep them in mind! wink
Haven't really started thinking about names properly yet, being very cautious about the whole situation in general, cos there's still a long way to go.

MayaAngelCool Sat 19-May-12 00:52:19

grin Inspired DS!

How about one of these:


Any of my suggestions tickle your fancy? wink

Thumbwitch Sat 19-May-12 00:47:03

All fine - DS is very excited and keeps telling people before I can - he has a name picked out already, it's Sludge. hmm don't think so! DH very happy too - his selection of names doesn't bear repeating - they're not happening either. grin

MayaAngelCool Sat 19-May-12 00:38:05

Well it sounds like you've had a lot to deal with but I'm glad things are more settled now. How's DS & DH?

Thumbwitch Sat 19-May-12 00:32:40

Thank you lovely! <<squeeeeze>>
Doing ok, daily stab with clexane, scans so far all gone well, lost 1/2st in first 12w through nausea and appetite loss (and chocolate anti-craving! shock) but feeling better now. Got a real wriggler too! grin

MayaAngelCool Sat 19-May-12 00:30:45

Tiger & Boo - my natural inclination is to agree with you both.

MayaAngelCool Sat 19-May-12 00:29:16

Wooh-hoo! That's awesome news (and far more interesting than any chat about the royals). How are you doing? Feeling ok?

Thumbwitch Sat 19-May-12 00:27:56

Sure does! 18+6 and counting! gringringrin

MayaAngelCool Sat 19-May-12 00:22:27

Gasp! "Baby brain"??! So that means...?!wink

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