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my Christmas tree is still up....just like the Queen!!!! try ityourself next year, you might be nicely suprised!!!!!

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hct123 Wed 11-Jan-12 11:43:08

Aparently, the Queen stays in Sandringham, Norfolk til end of Feb......during this time she likes the decorations and tree to stay up!!!!!

my tree and white lights are on...pretty, .all other decs are back in the loft.

first year i have done this, and i must say it is quite relaxing (i feel a tad like im on a mini holiday wot with children back at school and being able to sit in peace without above mentioned nagging me for something!!!!)

hct123 Wed 11-Jan-12 16:27:32

yes feeling all snug with my Christmas tree sparkling!

IdontknowwhyIcare Sat 25-Feb-12 10:21:06

That sounds lovely. I've kept my metal christmas tree up that I hang my swarvoski crystal christmas ornaments on. Took me ages to find something to hang them on so didnt have them displayed for 5 years sad.

kittyandthefontanelles Fri 11-May-12 00:34:39

We left ours up till march one year. Cosy.

mirry2 Fri 11-May-12 00:36:33

We always have a real tree. It would be bear by now and my hoover bag full of pine needles

mirry2 Fri 11-May-12 00:37:04

Sorry - bare, not bear. I swear I was good at spelling when i was at school

kittyandthefontanelles Fri 11-May-12 00:41:13

Ours are real too. Grown by our friend on his estate. We put it in moist soil and keep it watered, hardly any droppage.

startail Fri 11-May-12 01:26:11

My sparkly sticks stay all year, they've got Easter eggs hanging on them at the moment.

DD2 put the Xmas tree though the shredder last weekend. We got one dry day.

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