Fergie on Oprah complaining about lack of invitation to the Royal Wedding

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MardyBra Wed 11-May-11 17:04:28


I can't believe she actually expected to be invited having tried to sell her connections to the Royal Family.

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expatinscotland Wed 11-May-11 17:09:55

She's an imbecile. Her comments about how neither she nor Diana were there are further indication of her self-absorbtion and vast sense of self-entilement.

mouseanon Wed 11-May-11 17:12:26

Surely it's not normal to invite the ex-spouse of a family member to a wedding anyway?

MardyBra Wed 11-May-11 17:14:53

Hadn't seen comments about her and Diana being missing. They could have dug Diana up I s'pose.

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Blu Wed 11-May-11 17:15:16

But she's divorced.......from the only reason she would have been invited!

MardyBra Wed 11-May-11 17:16:00

Sorry, my last comment may offend some. Withdrawn if it does.

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expatinscotland Wed 11-May-11 17:16:01

She probably would have sold her ticket had she been invited.

TheCrackFox Wed 11-May-11 17:18:42

Why on Earth did she even think she would be invited?

She has been divorced well over a decade now and she is still trading on her Royal connections. She needs to get a job and reign in her spending.

MardyBra Wed 11-May-11 17:22:08

If she had gone, I wonder what outfit she would have chosen?

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littlelapin Wed 11-May-11 17:22:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheCrackFox Wed 11-May-11 17:29:17

Actually, it might have been interesting if Fergie had gone. I would have loved to see what monstrosity she would have worn.

NoahFence Wed 11-May-11 17:30:29

lol she has DIVORCED them
cant imagine inviting my ex BIL to my kids wedding

boohoohoo Wed 11-May-11 17:34:10

She didn't need to go to be there for her daughters getting ready, she could have been there for them to get ready and waved them off and told them to have a nice time surely!

9876543210 Wed 11-May-11 17:40:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

expatinscotland Wed 11-May-11 17:46:25

She's a waster and a thief as she runs up debt and then doesn't pay up.

meditrina Wed 11-May-11 17:51:38

Well, I suppose at least she was honest about it (disastrously so, but honest).

I thought her comments about how she'd been the last Royal bride to walk up the Abbey's aisle were particularly strange and unnecessary.

NoahFence Wed 11-May-11 18:03:21

i once heard a rumour that the reason she is broke is due to ahem an affinity with a product from S america

Twit Wed 11-May-11 18:06:00


JustineMumssnet Wed 11-May-11 18:06:22

sheeesh no llamas

Tommy Wed 11-May-11 18:12:09

I was very hmm to read this too.

Why would anyone want to go on TV and complain about not being invited anywhere? It's like a MN wedding thread gone public and mad grin

squeaver Wed 11-May-11 18:17:16

I thought Diana wasn't speaking to her when she died anyway?

I bet it just never even occurred to them to invite her. I mean when would William even have seen her in the last however many years?

SybilBeddows Wed 11-May-11 18:21:03

to be fair, it sounded in the article that she was just saying how sad she was about the fact that her and Andrew and the girls weren't a family any more, not that it wasn't fair that she wasn't invited as things stood.

GetOrfMoiCase Wed 11-May-11 18:26:12

grin at tacos and llamas.

KeepCalmAndCurryOn Wed 11-May-11 18:27:17

"I felt that I ostracised myself by my behaviour, by the past, by living with all the regrets of my mistakes"

I agree with Sybil

JustineMumssnet Wed 11-May-11 18:27:25

well shes under pressure to make her show on Oprahs new channel more interesting

wonder if thatw as the idea

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