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What would happen to all the land if we became a republic?

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Bennifer Tue 03-May-11 13:09:04

One thing that's often said about the Royals is they don't cost us much. For example, Prince Charles supposedly earns a lot from his estates and doesn't receive money from the Civil List. However, if you're a republican, isn't all that land really "ours"?

If we were to become a republic, what would happen to all that land? Would it just go to the government?

PS, this is a thought experiment, I know the chance of becoming a republic is similar to that of Leyton Orient winning the Champions League.

feirless Sun 13-Nov-11 06:31:15

i'm guessing they (every ex-royal) would get to keep their own land, just they wouldn't own everybody elses land any more.

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