When will the wedding decorations in London be taken down?

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highlystrung Sat 30-Apr-11 19:27:21

am thinking of taking dd up on Monday to see the decorations and also go inside Westminster Abbey - do you think the decorations will still be up?

meditrina Sat 30-Apr-11 19:32:14

I'm afraid I don't know - but could I add another question?

Assuming the Royal bouquet is to be placed onthe Tomb of the Unknown Warrior, when will it be laid? And who will lay it?

MrClaypole Sat 30-Apr-11 19:52:22

The decs will be up in the abbey till Friday 6th May.

To go in as a tourist/visitor you will have to pay the usual £16 entry charge but you can enter to worship or attend a service for free.

Details of opening hours and services are on the Abbey's website.

MrClaypole Sat 30-Apr-11 19:52:45

And the bouquet is there!

GypsyMoth Sat 30-Apr-11 19:55:14

london looked fab yesterday!! all the barriers were coming down and road sweepers were all busy.....all the workers were cheerfull!! bless em

the flags looked good.....take her!!

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