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Lovely photo with bridesmaids & pages

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Ponders Sat 30-Apr-11 15:24:55

scroll down a bit smile

(had to be the DM, sorry, can't beat it for photos!)

but that poor little Grace still looks vague without her specs - I'm not sure she could even see the photographer, she's looking the wrong way sad

(Kate looking fabulous as ever - I love her blue dress & she has the best legs envy)

Ponders Sat 30-Apr-11 15:26:06

ah - this link's better - second pic down

us4downhere Sat 30-Apr-11 15:55:06

Absolutely stunning! Love the picture with the bridesmaids and pageboys. smile

LawrieMarlow Sat 30-Apr-11 15:58:29

Why didn't she wear her glasses? Seems a bit unfair on her (spoken as a v short sighted person).

Was her dad a pageboy at Charles and Diana's wedding?

OneBadAsp Sat 30-Apr-11 16:08:00

i loved it when she clamped her hands over her ears! grin

Ponders Sat 30-Apr-11 16:35:39

we don't know why, LM - lots of people have commented on it though (mostly other v short-sighted persons I think!)(inc me)

this is cute - she's been photoshopped into various noisy images grin

Ponders Sat 30-Apr-11 16:38:19

oh and look at this page linking to all the FB pages about Beatrice's hat!

"Perfect example of why it is bad to always be surrounded by toadies who assure you 'oh, my you look fabulous!'"
"She needs that hat to stay in contact with the mother ship."
" looks like someone's tied a bit of ribbon around a giant anus."

FairyLightsForever Sat 30-Apr-11 18:21:51

Poor little love, I sympathise, I had a dreadful squint as a child and hated wearing my glasses when I was dressed up. There are various pictures of me with eyes pointing in different directions because I wanted to 'look pretty'sad

slovenlydotcom Sat 30-Apr-11 18:31:30

There are some pictures where she is relaxed where she looks adorable, she did look to me like a little girl who hadn't slept well!! I did wonder about the glasses - perhaps as you say she really didn't want them. Also she is only three and it must have been overwhelming.

LIZS Sat 30-Apr-11 18:34:25

Pics have an impromptu feel to them , presumably more to come. Isn't it Lady Louise with the squint, or does Grace normally wear glasses too ? I noticed there were no direct pictures of Louise's face on in the papers today. Her parents have been very careful to not let her be photographed in the past, even at her brother's Christening.

slovenlydotcom Sat 30-Apr-11 18:36:07

Lady Louise does have a squint, I saw that in the paper, but I saw little Grace going into a rehearsal with Kate and she had glasses on then

Ponders Sat 30-Apr-11 19:15:24

No, Grace doesn't have a squint but she does wear specs (is short-sighted presumably) - there was a pic of her going into a rehearsal earlier in the week & she was wearing them then.

Lady Louise does have a squint - but doesn't wear specs, or not in public anyway (not that she's seen out very often) - I think I've read that they're not getting it fixed because they don't want her to have a GA???

Ponders Sat 30-Apr-11 23:46:02

LawrieMarlow "Was her dad a pageboy at Charles and Diana's wedding?"

just came across a photo here - that was her uncle, Edward, apparently - her dad is Hugh, godson of Prince Charles (dunno about Edward) & Grace is goddaughter to Prince William)

Funny seeing Prince Andrew in that photo (aged 21!!!!!) & Edward (17!!!!!)

LawrieMarlow Sun 01-May-11 10:25:14

Thank you smile Think I worked out he was another uncle of Grace on another thread like this. Also found out there was controvesy when Edward married in about 2004 as Camilla wasn't allowed to sit with Prince Charles as they hadn't got married then so was still his mistress shock.

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