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Anything left about the wedding that you haven't found out the answer to...

(153 Posts)
cat64 Sat 30-Apr-11 01:59:29

Message withdrawn

Linnet Sat 30-Apr-11 20:40:18

Why were the choirboys at the front in red and the others behind them in white?

Meglet Sat 30-Apr-11 20:44:38

The bouquet looked like it had some lily of the valley.

How many bottles of champagne were consumed last night? And how many of them by Harry?

SybilBeddows Sat 30-Apr-11 20:46:55

I would like to know if we will ever get to know what was in the speeches, esp Harry's best man speech, or if it will all be terribly secret and no-one will dishonourably leak it to the press.

SybilBeddows Sat 30-Apr-11 20:47:58

oh and also I want to know WHY they're not having a proper honeymoon yet - could William actually not get this week off?

Fimbo Sat 30-Apr-11 20:54:40

I don't think Harry looks or acts like a typical Royal. He looks like he has a good time and a sense of humour which actually makes a nice change from all the pomp and grandeur.

I would like to know if the wedding had been planned for more longer than when the engagement was announced.

meditrina Sat 30-Apr-11 20:54:53

he choirboys in red are choristers of the Chapel Royal and the ones in surpluses belong to the Abbey.

Honeymoon: frivolous answer - he mucked up his leave pass. Likely real answer - they knew the paparazzi of the whole world would be hunting for them and it would therefore be he'll to arrange and hard to relax. Now they're off having a snug weekend somewhere, and will be able to plan a discreet honeymoon at a tome no-one can predict.

Preggersplayspop Sat 30-Apr-11 20:58:39

Who was the nun in reebok trainers?

SybilBeddows Sat 30-Apr-11 20:59:35

thank you Meditrina, that answer will do me. smile

Maryz Sat 30-Apr-11 20:59:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

UrsulaUndress Sat 30-Apr-11 21:02:45

Sophie - I was wondering that too and COVETING them sadly they are a bit more expensive than I'd hoped if they are these ones.

SophieJo Sun 01-May-11 08:32:18

Ursula-think they might be, thanks for that. I googled black wedge shoes but did not come up with the right ones.

dearprudence Sun 01-May-11 08:42:08

We wanted to know who the nuns were as well, Preggers. They had brilliant seats.

ChristinedePizan Sun 01-May-11 08:42:18

In the early hours, I was wondering about the bizarre reception arrangements. Am I right in thinking that although the Middleton family were invited to do the wave on the balcony of Buck House, they were summarily dismissed after that? Either way, it's a bit odd that either the family of the bride aren't invited to her own wedding reception or that their guests have a reception without the bride and groom.

It's not like there isn't enough space in BH and I guess the Middletons would have stumped up the cash to cover the costs.

What was the reasoning behind it and is that normal for a royal wedding?

SophieJo Sun 01-May-11 09:32:10

I think that the Middletons and close relatives stayed at the palace for the afternoon reception whilst an alternative lunch took place at the Goring Hotel -organised by the Middeltons-for the many friends they had invited.

meditrina Sun 01-May-11 09:37:50

It wasn't like that.

After the ceremony, the main participants including Middletons, went back to BH for the main reception, which went on until the Aston Martin moment.

Everyone went back to change/"rest" - HMQ even went away to another location. Middletons may/may not have been hosting a party at that time (there were all sorts of ancillary parties going on for those not invited to the Palace, and hosts (like the PM) absent for all/part of their own.

I don't know which Middletons were at the evening do, but some were seen going in - press reports weren't comprehensive and I actually hope that no-one does run to the press with an account.

ChristinedePizan Sun 01-May-11 09:43:57

Thanks. But that does mean that the Middletons' guests did not get invited to a reception at which the bride and groom were present. Which is slightly odd but I guess that's the downside of inviting the village butcher grin

rubyrubyruby Sun 01-May-11 09:51:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SophieJo Sun 01-May-11 10:01:05

He could become King William V

BlameItOnTheBogey Sun 01-May-11 10:07:43

I have a very ignorant question; the media keep saying that this is the first time that a heir to the throne has married a commoner (or 'looked outside the inner circle' or some such guff). How does Diana fit in then? Was she not a commoner?

meditrina Sun 01-May-11 10:07:50

Charles' regnal name won't be announced until he ascends the throne.

LawrieMarlow Sun 01-May-11 10:11:00

The next King is likely to be King Charles III. Assuming he outlives the Queen of course.

It's rather like Edward VII again.

Is odd to think that the current Queen was younger than William is now when she became Queen. There must be times when she gets a bit fed up with it I would imagine.

LawrieMarlow Sun 01-May-11 10:11:57

Diana was Lady Diana Spencer so not a commoner.

Stinkyfeet Sun 01-May-11 10:27:15

Possibly a daft question ... but all the military on duty in ceremonial dress on this and other occasions, are they also armed and ready to spring into action if necessary?

ChristinedePizan Sun 01-May-11 10:29:27

Diana was a commoner though I thought because she was aristocracy, rather than royalty. Sure I read that in the papers yesterday. But Kate is truly common grin

meditrina Sun 01-May-11 10:34:45

Stinkyfeet - on ceremonial duties, no as you wouldn't want anyone to be shot from a negligent discharge. But we'll never be told (quite rightly) if some of the personnel were on protection duties and were indeed ready to act.

Definitions of "commoner" vary - some say it's non-royal, and sone non-aristocratic. In neither case is it a synonym for "common".

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