James Middleston reading at the wedding service

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Avantia Fri 29-Apr-11 18:16:55

I sat in silence and loved every minute of James Middleston reading at the wedding service - thought he was very eloquent . the day may have been taken over by his sisters but he has made his mark with me .

Wel done James .wink

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activate Fri 29-Apr-11 18:18:56

speech coach I reckon

pauses were fractionally too long I think but the pace of the speech was beautifully maintained

Giselle99 Fri 29-Apr-11 18:21:04

Yes the pauses were a fraction too long but thought he did well; must have been nerve racking especially as it was the only reading. He needs to ease of the fake tan though...

inkyfingers Fri 29-Apr-11 18:23:02

they all have the fake tan though. Pippa looked gorgeous, but the contrast with the little bridesmaids showed how brown she was.

LadyCornyOfSilk Fri 29-Apr-11 18:23:32

He did a very good job. Must have been so nerve wracking

DuelingFanjo Fri 29-Apr-11 18:27:05

someone described it to me as someone reading but not fukky understanding the words he was saying. I thought it was dull and uninspiring.

DuelingFanjo Fri 29-Apr-11 18:27:24

fully not fukky blush

Avantia Fri 29-Apr-11 18:41:14

Freudlian slip there ? grin

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barbie007 Fri 29-Apr-11 20:59:02

He tried too hard. Pauses were too long and he kept making weird faces every time he paused...

MoreBeta Fri 29-Apr-11 21:06:15

IME it is really hard to read like that in a big space with the sound of your own voice coming back at you through the speakers with a slight delay.

He did incredibly well if a little slow and stilted.

Rohanda Fri 29-Apr-11 21:12:58

just watching it now. Echo Beta's thoughts. Some gravitas overdone, but he does hear his own voice and this is vary off-putting. I had reason to address a gathering of about 5,000 ( no am not Jesus!) and just the view of so many people is throat-restrickening. The boy did really good.

MollieO Fri 29-Apr-11 21:14:51

I thought he did amazingly well. How many of us could have stood there and delivered a reading we knew would be seen and heard by 2 BILLION people!

Wolfgirl Fri 29-Apr-11 21:15:03

I thought he spoke eloquently and the message from scripture was excellent. smile

southeastastra Fri 29-Apr-11 21:15:47

he has nice cheekbones

laInfanta Fri 29-Apr-11 21:16:14

It was a bit stilted, but doing readings in church is SO hard. I am rubbish at it.

GitAwfMayLend Fri 29-Apr-11 21:18:24

That must have been so difficult to do, I think he did incredibly well.

He is rather easy on the eye as well.

GitAwfMayLend Fri 29-Apr-11 21:19:25

Rohanda - 5000 people? Crikey.

Have addressed a couple of hundred and enjoyed it, but this is a different league.

AfternoonsandCoffeespoons Fri 29-Apr-11 21:23:01

He is rather easy on the eye, isn't he? I just read this thread thinking surely I can't be the only one thinking that! grin

cyb Fri 29-Apr-11 21:23:34

He is QUITE the royal dish

And yes I KNOW hes not royal

GitAwfMayLend Fri 29-Apr-11 21:24:36

He looks so like Kate I think.

Very good looking family, all of them.

TheCrackFox Fri 29-Apr-11 21:30:06

I thought it was a lovely way to include her brother and he did a great job.

YY about them being a lovely loking family. My lot (me included) look like something from the Adam's family.

Rohanda Fri 29-Apr-11 21:30:11

yes all a very attractive family, and secure with each other. New hope forthe monarchy, if that is what you wish.
Git - it was an outdoor affair, a political rally, and all was fine until I saw the size of the crowd. But J. seemed very sincere, and that's what carries you (one!) through.

Rohanda Fri 29-Apr-11 21:31:43

And the idea of trees in the Abbey is inspired! A garden where heaven meets earth. A very bibilical and Islamic idea.

southeastastra Fri 29-Apr-11 21:38:13

maybe they are hoping the nice cheekbones and hair will balance out the ears and forehead

Rohanda Fri 29-Apr-11 22:59:53

hmm.... didn't Harry walk like an orangutan?

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