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I don't know if this is treasonable but ...

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purits Fri 29-Apr-11 17:25:00

We watched the wedding on the BBC. Cos that's what you do. Huw Edwards was boring, got no atmosphere going at all, all pomp and ponderous. He didn't have the requisite endless supply of fascinating facts and figures. Studio guests weren't terribly interesting either. The beeb seemed to keep taking their eye off the ball and were so desperate to cover anything/everything that they missed bits eg W&C emerging onto the balcony. THe roving reporters were dire - they were constantly sticking microphones in front of random members of the public and getting monosyllabic non-answers.

We switched over to ITV afterwards and Paul Scofield was much better, much more human and interested in what was going on.

So it may be treasonable to think this, but did ITV do a better job than the BBC?

meditrina Fri 29-Apr-11 17:27:20

I had to turn over away from BBC when that dreadfully patronising woman came on - the way she talked down to members of the crowd was unwatchable.

DurhamDurham Fri 29-Apr-11 17:29:57

I watched BBC but got bored so turned over to watch SKY and it was much better.

herbietea Fri 29-Apr-11 17:32:31

Message withdrawn

BrigitBigKnickers Fri 29-Apr-11 17:37:04

Huw Edwards is such a yawn.

The vacuous Fern Cotton was not a good choice either.

purits Fri 29-Apr-11 17:41:24

LOL. I do mean Philip Scofield don't I? I told you I'm not usually an ITV girl. Apologies to Messrs Scofield.grin

hocuspontas Fri 29-Apr-11 17:48:10

I had to turn over from BBC as they kept interviewing boring people whereas ITV had their camera trained on the Abbey entrance waiting for the celebs to arrive. <shallow>

AnnieLobeseder Fri 29-Apr-11 17:49:58

I started watching on Sky News, cos they were doing better pre-coverage than the BBC, but when the wedding started, the picture and sound were out of sync so we switched to BBC and didn't think to switch back. I guess I should have switched back, cos it was pretty boring. But at least the sound and pictures matched....

DurhamDurham Fri 29-Apr-11 18:07:24

SKY was ok in Durham smile

Giselle99 Fri 29-Apr-11 18:19:12

I did the same. Would always stay with the beeb for two/multi channel programmes but they sent me to sleep today. Flicked between them, ITV and Sky towards the end.

LaDolceRyvita Fri 06-May-11 15:38:34

I thought both sides of commentary were scratching for something, ANYTHING to say about what turned into a rather lacklustre, over solemn occasion. There was just no JOY, not for me at least.

When Di and Chas did it.....Diana waslit from within somehow, she just beamed with happiness!!

But we all know where that got her.

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