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What the hell is

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rockinmum Fri 29-Apr-11 09:37:31

Tara Palmer Tompkinson wearing on her head?

Triggles Fri 29-Apr-11 09:55:23

hahahahahaa... I'm so glad it wasn't just me thinking that....

NoWittyName Fri 29-Apr-11 09:56:50

Forget the hat - I think the state of her nose is so sad. Should be used as a poster campaign for scaring people off cocaine.

ScroobiousPip Fri 29-Apr-11 09:59:10

Ha ha! Yes, me too! I quite like VB's outfit though.

Have to say, it's great watching it here in NZ - 9pm, toddler asleep, glass of bubbly and chocolate to hand. Perfect!

Any bets on the dress?

Eglu Fri 29-Apr-11 10:00:42

I think the hat is maybe meant to take attention away from her nose. However it just points straight at it. grin

Hassled Fri 29-Apr-11 10:01:41

I missed TPT - dammit. Victoria B looked good though, I thought - but very nervous.

meditrina Fri 29-Apr-11 10:02:46

Why is David Beckham wearing his OBE on the wrong side? Or is it someone else's?

darleneconnor Fri 29-Apr-11 10:03:18

Oh her nose looks awful.

VB looks younger than she has for years, it must be the pregnancy glow. DB has aged a lot, must be all that calefornian sun.

foxinsocks Fri 29-Apr-11 10:03:51

I thought vic b looked good

rockinmum Fri 29-Apr-11 10:08:03

VB looked great bless her, DB had his OBE on the left which is the right side as far as I am aware

diddl Fri 29-Apr-11 11:11:26

I thought that VB looked awful with that fake ponytail.

But Eugenie must win the "what the hell" prize?

Eglu Fri 29-Apr-11 11:15:04

I missed Eugenie and Beatrice

diddl Fri 29-Apr-11 11:23:17


rockinmum Fri 29-Apr-11 11:24:45

Hahaha.....why does she have a huge bow on her forehead? Just goes to show that money and breeding doesn't buy style

diddl Fri 29-Apr-11 11:27:58

I quite like Beatrice´s outfit, but not the fascinator.

thefirstMrsDeVere Fri 29-Apr-11 11:29:26

Oh dear those too are really quite Unfortunate arent they?

Good job they have connections.

Eglu Fri 29-Apr-11 11:36:25

Beatrice has a lovely outift, hat is most odd though. Eugenie really is wtf. It is like something somebody 3 times her age would wear. Not at all flattering.

Eglu Fri 29-Apr-11 11:42:44

Are there any pics of Zara around? I missed her too and she usually looks good.

Latteaddict Fri 29-Apr-11 11:45:58

That blue outfit is the biggest laugh I've had all day! (I know, I'm mean). Although her sister doesn't look too bad (take the thing off her head and I think she looks ok).

rockinmum Fri 29-Apr-11 11:51:32

TPT piccie here

Latteaddict Fri 29-Apr-11 11:53:58

Can't do links but the DM online has a pic of Zara, looking lovely in a silvery/grey outfit.

Eglu Fri 29-Apr-11 11:58:25

Found Zara thanks. She does indeed look lovely.

caramelwaffle Fri 29-Apr-11 12:04:29

Oh the music is so uplifting

PrinceHumperdink Fri 29-Apr-11 12:05:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rockinmum Fri 29-Apr-11 12:15:17

Oh My! Just seen a pic of Chelsy Davys' outfit for the wedding, she looks like a chav regardless but a very bad decision today I think. Also would the Queen stop Harry marrying her on the grounds that her name isn't spelt properly, I mean it would look incredibly cheap on anything wouldn't it

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