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Mumsnet Royal Wedding commentary bingo!

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GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 28-Apr-11 11:06:42

Hello wedding-watchers,

Inspired by your marvellous suggestions we thought you might wish to partake in a spot of Royal Wedding commentary bingo to enliven the dull longueurs while foreign dignitaries arrive pomp and ceremony.

With the likes of Eamonn, Huw, Sophie Raworth (yay!), Paul Burrell (!), Fiona Bruce, teen favourite Fearne Cotton, Royal favourite Nicholas Witchell, and veteran Jennie Bond talking us through the proceedings, there will be hours of commentary gold to endure keep us going.

Normal bingo rules apply: print off and distribute our bingo cards among your co-watchers and every time you hear a phrase that's on your card, cross it off.

In the somewhat unlikely it must be said event that you get full house, drop us a line with your filled-out card and we'll rustle up a right royal reward (possibly even some Lush Royal Wedding Vajazzle glitter).

Disclaimer: any offence that our Royal Wedding commentary bingo causes is entirely accidental. We unreservedly apologise in advance to any real persons, living or dead, who are offended, or even a little bit put out.

SoloIsApparentlyACougar Fri 29-Apr-11 22:45:08

Should what DashingRedhead?

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