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GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 28-Apr-11 11:06:42

Hello wedding-watchers,

Inspired by your marvellous suggestions we thought you might wish to partake in a spot of Royal Wedding commentary bingo to enliven the dull longueurs while foreign dignitaries arrive pomp and ceremony.

With the likes of Eamonn, Huw, Sophie Raworth (yay!), Paul Burrell (!), Fiona Bruce, teen favourite Fearne Cotton, Royal favourite Nicholas Witchell, and veteran Jennie Bond talking us through the proceedings, there will be hours of commentary gold to endure keep us going.

Normal bingo rules apply: print off and distribute our bingo cards among your co-watchers and every time you hear a phrase that's on your card, cross it off.

In the somewhat unlikely it must be said event that you get full house, drop us a line with your filled-out card and we'll rustle up a right royal reward (possibly even some Lush Royal Wedding Vajazzle glitter).

Disclaimer: any offence that our Royal Wedding commentary bingo causes is entirely accidental. We unreservedly apologise in advance to any real persons, living or dead, who are offended, or even a little bit put out.

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DottyDot Thu 28-Apr-11 11:25:07

brilliant - just the ticket - thank you! grin

ilovesprouts Thu 28-Apr-11 11:28:00

i will give it a miss thanks grinhmm

KatieMiddleton Thu 28-Apr-11 11:32:16

Well I'll probably be watching on my own from my sick bed so this is very helpful to pass the time smile

Was disappointed you didn't have "so moving" on any of the cards. It seems everyone and everything even remotely connected to the wedding is "very moved" "so moved" "moving" ad infinitum.

I wonder if I could play all 4 cards at once?!

belgo Thu 28-Apr-11 11:34:05


andrea69 Thu 28-Apr-11 11:45:44

Quite a few of them have already been uttered /:
Was planning on watching with the sound turned down, sticking on Bat out of hell and just as she's about to say " I Do " cranking up ' Paradise by the dashboard light part II " Stop right there..." smile

HerRoyalHighnessPrincessCervix Thu 28-Apr-11 11:52:47

Hurrah grin

can i confess that i have just bedecked my living room with special bunting (high quality, with Kate and wills faces on) and hung up a few flags? DH is going to be so pleased when he gets home.

HerRoyalHighnessPrincessCervix Thu 28-Apr-11 12:11:26

ah. i have just accidentally posted the link onto DD2s facebook.


AbsDuCroissant Thu 28-Apr-11 13:24:10

Bugger. I now not really regret being on vacation in a different time zone tomorrow rather than being glued to the TV screen.

I'm glad Jennie Bond's back! She's legen - wait for it, just like Kate did - dary in my family. Particulary for coming up with a discrete "sh*t's going down" scale for Royal Family shenanigans. Mildly concerned - someone old in the family's really ill, concerned - Queen mum breaks hip, alarmed - end of monarchy as we know it.

HipposGoBeserk Thu 28-Apr-11 13:53:49

I shall be playing from Oman.


PfftTheMagicDragon Thu 28-Apr-11 14:36:24

I pity the fucker that gets card C grin

TheDreadPirateRoberts Thu 28-Apr-11 15:03:25

I shall be too busy being the mother of the groom grin

DS (7) is playing Wills in a small pageant-y thing on the village green. Probably shouldn't wear my Anarchy in the UK shirt then...

LindsayWagner Thu 28-Apr-11 16:59:33

Ooh brill. I'm going to turn the sound down and lip-read. That way, I can cheat without let or hindrance it's a little more challenging.

LindsayWagner Thu 28-Apr-11 17:04:57

I've got my Miss Haversham cozzie all ready btw. By tomorrow, my bleeding mascara will be melding nicely with my rouge; I've scattered dead roses and Lily of the Valley talc around the room, to increase the ambience.

LindsayWagner Thu 28-Apr-11 17:09:14

ambience? ambiance? Christ, I don't know, I've got a lot on my mind with all these RW preparations.

Hassled Thu 28-Apr-11 19:57:29

Inspired grin

The only flaw to the plan is that I will be watching it alone, having been deserted by my killjoy bunch of useless republican family and friends, who have the audacity to plan to go cycling. All I can do is play Bingo by myself. Or train the cats to read overnight.

JazzieJeff Thu 28-Apr-11 20:15:34

<ears burn in a glittery manner>

LindsayWagner Thu 28-Apr-11 20:32:48

<snort> at JazzieJeff. When I look back on this historic moment from my dotage, I will think of you and your accidental RW vajazzle and laugh till my false teeth fall out. #republican

MmeSurvivedLent Thu 28-Apr-11 20:59:09

Marking place.

Cant print bingo card though.

WhipMeIndiana Thu 28-Apr-11 21:02:26

Think C & D are a tad more challenging than A & B

WhipMeIndiana Thu 28-Apr-11 21:03:20

Hassled - how 'special' are your cats? are they in the top 2%?

WhipMeIndiana Thu 28-Apr-11 21:05:08

does 'Barbra Cartland'
mean 'straight out of a BC novel'
or her ghost?

<ponders is she dead?>

sorry if Ive missed a joke here?

WhipMeIndiana Thu 28-Apr-11 21:05:40


i need to go and vajazzle.

Hassled Thu 28-Apr-11 21:06:40

Cats aren't too special at all, to be frank. Their speciality is bringing mice inside and then losing them. The crash reading course might well be a tad optimistic.

WhipMeIndiana Thu 28-Apr-11 21:08:50

can you just ask the cats my Barbera Cartland query please? see what they think. thanks.

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