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Royal wedding memorabilia - what's your personal favourite?

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RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 14-Apr-11 17:11:46

With the Royal nuptials fast approaching, here at MNHQ we've noticed a common trend in the mails pinging daily into our inbox. From the cute, to the classy hmm , to the shocking shock and just astonishing biscuit.

Can you do better? We have seen this thread so we know you're already ahead of us.

You've got until midday 20 April to link to your favourite wedding tat memorabilia on this thread. MNHQ will put together a shortlist on 21 April and you will get the chance to vote for the most gloriously OTT memento of Will 'n' Kate's big day.

The winner will be announced on 26 April and will receive a suitably themed gift <evil laugh>.



BooBooGlass Thu 14-Apr-11 17:14:59

A Royal Wedding themed cockring pinged into my inbox the other day. Can't say I'll be giving that to my grandma to mark the occasion

Ooopsadaisy Thu 14-Apr-11 17:15:03

A lady I know of is knitting a jumper with the pattern of .... yes, you've guessed it ... the faces of Will and Kate, copied from a photograph.

Can't wait to see that woman around town.

BooBooGlass Thu 14-Apr-11 17:15:40


TortoiseVEasterBunny Thu 14-Apr-11 17:18:09

1st item on this page! says it all lol! grin

supadupacreameggscupa Thu 14-Apr-11 17:18:32

i like and have bought for myself the early learning center happyland set. i am still debating whether or not to allow ds to play with it or just keep it nice in it's box blush

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Thu 14-Apr-11 17:19:16

I still think life size cut out is my fave grin

supadupacreameggscupa Thu 14-Apr-11 17:20:28


wonderstuff Thu 14-Apr-11 17:34:55

My favourite

SunshineOnARainyDay Thu 14-Apr-11 17:41:06

Special Kate's Royal Breakfast Cereal!!

collision Thu 14-Apr-11 17:42:12

this would be lovely for a dd. Sadly I only have boys

SunshineOnARainyDay Thu 14-Apr-11 17:43:23

Ooh, William has got his own cereal too!

SunshineOnARainyDay Thu 14-Apr-11 17:44:27


collision Thu 14-Apr-11 17:46:48

am baking for school. Might need to get these luscious toppers!

SunshineOnARainyDay Thu 14-Apr-11 17:49:41

Am loving this! I give you...... Royal Wedding Cat Food!

jimswifein1964 Thu 14-Apr-11 18:04:11

These are fab!

jimswifein1964 Thu 14-Apr-11 18:08:53

how random

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Thu 14-Apr-11 18:12:28

the quality just oozes from this grin

DramaInPyjamas Thu 14-Apr-11 18:13:23

a cup of Royal tea..

jimswifein1964 Thu 14-Apr-11 18:13:59

omg Top Trumps!

jimswifein1964 Thu 14-Apr-11 18:16:13


jimswifein1964 Thu 14-Apr-11 18:18:42


jimswifein1964 Thu 14-Apr-11 18:24:32

wonder how many of these those enterprising street vendors will sell to tourists?

DramaInPyjamas Thu 14-Apr-11 18:29:21

just.. why??

jimswifein1964 Thu 14-Apr-11 18:34:32

That one is fab! omg. Obviously I'm now considering the buying price of something like that, and wondering who would shell out hmm

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