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does anyone in Scotland give a shit about the royal wedding?

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ssd Fri 08-Apr-11 19:18:11

I don't am sick of it already

poppyswill Sun 01-May-11 22:35:27

Who cares! My daugher and I had a great day in London with the Royals and very proud of it too! !!! If people in Scotland don't want to celebrate what difference does it make - couldn't care less, same as you! They looked gorgeous all of them! Rock on the royals and having a rocking royal time! PROUD PROUD PROUD!!!!!

r0zebud Sun 01-May-11 21:57:49

I gave a shit! I had my mates round, plonked the bambinos down with toys and prayed for silence! We had a cracking day smile Can't bear to take my flags and decorations down yet, maybe tomorrow!

K999 Sun 01-May-11 18:37:56

I'm Scottish, and pro independence for Scotland....and for England too! smile

Gooseberrybushes Sun 01-May-11 17:23:41

just read back.. little bit more than a wee gloatie there, definitely you know which side yr bread is buttered

Gooseberrybushes Sun 01-May-11 17:09:22

it was fun, I didn't mind it at all

no, not bitter hmm does one have to be bitter about bigotry to dislike it? I don't think so, I think one can just dislike it really

LisamumtoJake Sun 01-May-11 15:22:35

What seb1 said smile

seb1 Sun 01-May-11 14:00:24

Gooseberrybushes/Absolutelyfabulous for 2 people who don't care you seem to have wasted rather a lot of time and energy on something you don't care about hmm. Perhaps you require some purpose in your life other than bitterness.

scottishmummy Sat 30-Apr-11 22:40:06

but darlin its such a good look,never fails me

Absolutelyfabulous Sat 30-Apr-11 22:37:57

Fur coat and nae knickers, so she is grin

scottishmummy Sat 30-Apr-11 22:37:12

aye well plenty auld cows in scotland and thats just me
ignore her

BorisTheBold Sat 30-Apr-11 22:34:44

Sorry didn't reply sooner SM, was jackin' up in the bog ken.

Absolutelyfabulous Sat 30-Apr-11 22:33:26

She's an auld cow SM so I'm happy not to get her sense of " humour". And if she makes one more " joke" about did we bring our passports when we go up, I'll throttle her with her comedy tam and ginger beard.
When I've finished with MIL and her obsession with thrusting Scottish tenner sunder English shopkeepers noses and demanding aggressively if they , " Take legal Scottish tender down here."

scottishmummy Sat 30-Apr-11 22:30:13

see abfab thats scots for you,not funny and fake
hope you get over her attempts at humour
how very bloody dare she

scottishmummy Sat 30-Apr-11 22:26:54

best take ball,our sponging scots will take it and sell for a bag o grass

Absolutelyfabulous Sat 30-Apr-11 22:26:24

Scottishmummy, DH's aunt sends us cards where she " talks" in a comedy Scots accent.
It might be funny if she wasn't Morningside through and through.grin

expatinscotland Sat 30-Apr-11 22:25:59

Aw, it took its ball and went home.

scottishmummy Sat 30-Apr-11 22:23:34

good on ye boris hen,english man runnin aboot after you
us lardy scots are born chancers we take piss were we can

scottishmummy Sat 30-Apr-11 22:21:58

and did i mention our nhs gets more per head than england
mind you we need a sit doon after a deep fried pizza and irn bru
for breakfast

BorisTheBold Sat 30-Apr-11 22:20:18

I've got an English DP - he does loads for me, must be in my pampered Scottish blood...

expatinscotland Sat 30-Apr-11 22:19:16

I know, SM. It get so boring, eating haggis, drinking whisky and going to fitba matches all the time, just spinning out time till our next, fat monetary contribution from English taxpayers . . .

scottishmummy Sat 30-Apr-11 22:17:38

its hard- im so used to sittin aboot on ma pamered scottish arse waitin for english to do something for me

expatinscotland Sat 30-Apr-11 22:17:33

Not as big a laugh as I've had out of you on this thread, Goosie. You missed your calling, your talent is wasted here. You could have the dead laughing with your comedic genius.

Gooseberrybushes Sat 30-Apr-11 22:16:37

now, I'm off, so you can talk about me when I'm gone

oh, will they won't they? so exciting

Gooseberrybushes Sat 30-Apr-11 22:15:12

you must be running on empty, you keep repeating yourself

have a little think and you might find something else to say

scottishmummy Sat 30-Apr-11 22:14:03

ach typical.need an english lassie to show us funny
on you go then
fags doon,glaikit faces on
bring it on

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