What's the etiquette on attending a royal wedding street party when one is not exactly pro Royal family?

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BellaBearisWideAwake Sun 13-Mar-11 15:12:41

Just had an invitation. On the plus side we haven't lived here long and it will be a great opportunity for meeting neighbours. And there'll be face painting. And it's a party with no travel involved.

On the con side I'm of the opinion that the best thing to do about the royal wedding is ignore it. I really don't care. But I'm not enough of an ardent republican to put any effort into ignoring it, mire of a 'watch another channel' sort of ignore.

We're obviously going to go. But .... meh.

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nethunsreject Sun 13-Mar-11 15:15:16

Take a guillotine?

Hmm, not sure actually. I'd go too as it is a chance to meet neighbours, but wouldn't really be into the whole royaly thing.

IAmTheCookieMonster Sun 13-Mar-11 15:15:27

I doubt many of the people are ardent royalists, its probably just a good excuse for a party!

noddyholder Sun 13-Mar-11 15:17:02

get pissed?

bluerodeo Sun 13-Mar-11 15:18:41

yes, agree it's just an excuse to have a street party, i wouldn't worry about the messages it sends about support or not for the monarchy

BellaBearisWideAwake Sun 13-Mar-11 15:21:59

Thing is, I'm really going to have to bite my lip to not be making early comments all afternoon, and that would be really bad form when people have gone to the trouble of organising something.

<<cares far more about not offending people than getting my anti-monarchist point across>>

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BellaBearisWideAwake Sun 13-Mar-11 15:22:25

Early? Sarky. Damn autocorrect.

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Tortington Sun 13-Mar-11 15:24:21

id go - free food, fun

BellaBearisWideAwake Sun 13-Mar-11 15:26:46

Oh I'm going. I don't really know what I am complaining about really.

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EveryonesJealousOfGingers Sun 13-Mar-11 15:28:46

I enjoy Christmas despite being an atheist!

meditrina Sun 13-Mar-11 15:29:20

I don't think you need to be madly pro-Royal to go to a Royal Wedding street party (after all, I don't see that many people refusing their Bank Holiday).

But I do think out of basic courtesy, you need to refrain from expressing anti-Royal views during the event. You've still got over a month to practice lip-biting!

StroppyDad Mon 14-Mar-11 15:54:43

I was (nearly) in this position myself. My wife and MiL were discussing holding a street or garden party - and I start to get irritable at the mere conjunction of the 2 words "Royal" and "Wedding".

They have now abandoned this idea (MiL thinks it might distract from her watching the thing, transfixed in a pro-Monarchy delirium, on TV).

I was intending to go along wearing a T-Shirt like the ones Republic are selling saying something like "Citizen Not Subject".

Wiccad Mon 14-Mar-11 17:11:20

Yes, or 'Subject to No-one'. You could also hold your own 'NOT the royal wedding party' as well. You don't need sandwiches and jelly as much as you need principles. You can make your own sandwiches and jelly. Don't be that desperate for 'friends' that you dumb yourself down. I realised I needed some new friends when someone I knew handed me a balloon for Liz Windsor's golden jubilee in 2002. I wrote 'abolish the monarchy' all over it and told her that now I liked it.

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