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who wants to speculate on willkat's first child's name?

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darleneconnor Wed 17-Nov-10 11:20:53

I know they've only just got engaged but an heir and a spare will be on their way soon enough.
My first thoughts are:
George/ georgia

freesias Sat 23-Apr-11 13:24:47

possibly they will be advised not to use anything seen as too pretentious ,remember the slating fergie had for eugenie. that probably rules ot augusta and alberta (although cannot imagine many 30 year olds who find that appealing). caroline again would probably be too of their own generation iyswim ( i know quite a view in their 30's and early 40's)

patrick as a first name possibly perceived as to irish and they wouldn't want to upset the scots and the welsh . same probably applies to david , andrew and duncan someone in the union would be miffed.

i don't envy her it was hard enough finding names without worrying about upsetting half the country.

Unity might hit the right note or even Prudence

Mary could in some circles could be seen as too papist daft but true

i think her grandmother was Dorothy or Dorathea so Theodora might be in with a chance

the childs surname will be mountbatten not windsor .as i think when the Queen married Philip there was some agreement that his surname or it's anglicised form would be used for the great grandchildren

Margaret might be an option

Arabella also might be an option lady arabella stuart was once a contender for the throne arabella stuart

or if she's having a really hormonal moment she could always try Tiaamii smile

freesias Sat 23-Apr-11 13:30:48

If it's twins they could name after the other royal couple
and try
david and victoria smile

gorionine Sat 23-Apr-11 13:33:33

You have not given this much thought then freesias?grin

freesias Sat 23-Apr-11 13:40:55

yes go i have been giving this far to much thought it at least takes my mind of my own naming dilemmas

gorionine Sat 23-Apr-11 13:46:03

Have you got a thread on ATM for your own choices? Boy? Girl? Both? Can we helpsmile

freesias Sat 23-Apr-11 13:47:31

personally i'd love her to go for something hyphenated and deemed ultra c***y on mumsnet . i give you princess lilydaisy -mae or prince jayden-kai . probably not going to happenn but the mumsnet baby names thread would have apoplexy .

freesias Sat 23-Apr-11 13:49:44

go have had ongoing threads on babynames for the past year but have now finally settled it . now just thinking about a name for number 9 (ttc atm) if we're so lucky.

gorionine Sat 23-Apr-11 13:52:23

That is what I call organised! smile

All the best!

IslaValargeone Sat 23-Apr-11 13:55:32

Frances Elizabeth

Whatevs Sat 23-Apr-11 14:01:02

George for a boy

Emily, Alice, Lucy for a girl.

Ponders Sat 23-Apr-11 14:12:14

oooh, Lucy has made me start thinking of Narnia - they could have


or Puddleglum, Reepicheep, Breehy-hinny-brinny-hoohy-hah grin

freesias Sat 23-Apr-11 14:17:46

on a narnia theme how about

aurora - princess aurora does sound beautiful

freesias Sat 23-Apr-11 14:20:22

go only being organised because dc8 was over a year before we finally stopped arguing about her name

CarefulWithThatAxeEugene Sat 23-Apr-11 15:10:27

Arthur has certainly not been deliberately avoided - not if the story is true that Prince Charles wanted William to be Arthur, but Diana vetoed the name. Sounds a believable tale to me.

As for 'Mary' being 'too papist' - good heavens, the RF has always been chockablock with Marys. It's one of the Queen's names, after her grandmother.

Has there been a recent Elizabeth in the RF? I think not, and I wonder if it has been kind of "reserved" for Charles and then William. Doesn't mean it would necessarily be chosen, though.

kickingking Sat 23-Apr-11 22:48:56

Not Unity - what about Unity Mitford?! Hitler's other half?! shock

Princess Aurora! Better keep her away from spinning wheels...

Ohwhatabeautifulmorning Sun 24-Apr-11 21:16:44

I read in a magazine that they like Charlotte for a girl and Michael for a boy

RubyFakeNails Mon 25-Apr-11 16:40:27

Frances was Diana's Middle Name and was given after her grandmother so maybe they will consider this as a less direct tribute to Diana

valiumbandwitch Mon 25-Apr-11 16:55:51

Princess Chessie

CarefulWithThatAxeEugene Mon 25-Apr-11 18:22:59

Frances was Diana's mother, so William's (other) grandmother.

Ponders Mon 25-Apr-11 21:38:50

Princess Frances not a good sound though!

CarefulWithThatAxeEugene Mon 25-Apr-11 21:55:03

The Crown Prince/ss of Denmark have just christened their twins and the boy is Vincent, so he'll be Prince Vince

Northernlurker Mon 25-Apr-11 22:04:14

Alice is a popular royal name - Prince Philip's mother was Alice and the Queen's aunt, the Duchess of Gloucester was another as well as Queen Victoria's daughter who was also Prince Philip's great-grandmother.

I think Leopold would be nice, also Albert for a boy.

VivaLeBeaver Mon 25-Apr-11 22:11:41

Don't the Royals have a thing where whatever their name is they won't be King Theirname. So Charles won't be King Charles, but he'll choose another name for his King name. I'm sure I read that he's going to be King George as he doesn't like the association King Charles has with being beheaded or something.

valiumbandwitch Mon 25-Apr-11 22:15:40

do they still do that? because Elizabeth is Queen Elizabeth.

VivaLeBeaver Mon 25-Apr-11 22:17:20

According to wikianswers;

He can choose any of his given names.

Thus he could be Charles III, Philip I, Arthur I, or George VII.

It is conventional wisdom that he will choose George VII, in honor of his grandfather.

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