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Two inappropriate posts in Chat

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EmmaGrundyForPM Tue 07-Jul-20 01:55:03

Both by the same poster. One entitld "I have an important question" and one entitled "HELP". Both sexually explicit
I've reported both.

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NiteWotcha Tue 07-Jul-20 01:56:03

Hidden them
Please report any more (with links if poss)

EmmaGrundyForPM Tue 07-Jul-20 01:57:55

I have just had two very explicit and offensive messages from the poster in my inbox.

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FizzFan Tue 07-Jul-20 02:07:20

CasuallyFeminine Tue 07-Jul-20 02:09:36

CasuallyFeminine Tue 07-Jul-20 02:10:39

There're everywhere!

Jenasaurus Tue 07-Jul-20 02:11:04

NiteWotcha Tue 07-Jul-20 02:11:12


Jenasaurus Tue 07-Jul-20 02:12:05

Jenasaurus Tue 07-Jul-20 02:13:19

CasuallyFeminine Tue 07-Jul-20 02:17:06

CasuallyFeminine Tue 07-Jul-20 02:20:29

Zandra123 Tue 07-Jul-20 02:23:20

Just reported one

NiteWotcha Tue 07-Jul-20 02:23:33

thank you so much for the links, Jen and Casually!

have zapped those messages

MrMeSeeks Tue 07-Jul-20 02:24:16

It’s clearly a child that wasn’t taught any manners, be gone in the morning anyway.
Clearly being off school is not helping their grammar grin ( or lack of it)

Jenasaurus Tue 07-Jul-20 02:24:32

NiteWotcha Tue 07-Jul-20 02:25:56



Jenasaurus Tue 07-Jul-20 02:28:45

Their keeping you busy tonight smile

NiteWotcha Tue 07-Jul-20 02:29:57


Their keeping you busy tonight smile


Mothership4two Tue 07-Jul-20 02:57:23

Someone is bored tonight and hasn't got a life

ElGuardiandenoche Tue 07-Jul-20 03:45:57

If anyone has any nasty PMs from the troll please report them to MNHQ to deal with.

PyongyangKipperbang Tue 07-Jul-20 03:50:25

Ah bless.....

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