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A little recurring problem for Nightwatch

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BBInGinDrinking Sun 13-Jan-19 04:02:35

Bookfour unfortunately needs your attention on the subject of drafty drawers.

NiteWotcha Sun 13-Jan-19 04:06:57

Thanks! I've hidden until HQ can decide whether more "views" are necessary confusedgrin

BBInGinDrinking Sun 13-Jan-19 04:07:17

My, you're fast sometimes.

NiteWotcha Sun 13-Jan-19 04:09:35

Well, it depends who is on the boards - we don't have an official "duty" so any of us who are just scrolling through can act.
Sometimes we miss stuff so it's very helpful if dubious threads are flagged up here . thanks!smile

BBInGinDrinking Sun 13-Jan-19 04:10:23

grin You've got to laugh.

BBInGinDrinking Sun 13-Jan-19 04:21:41

Also Lanotz - a loo one?

BBInGinDrinking Sun 13-Jan-19 04:44:20

Still there. A busy night on the troll front.

NiteWotcha Sun 13-Jan-19 05:01:18

Yep thanks BB
Gone now <sigh>

BBInGinDrinking Sun 13-Jan-19 05:02:59

A sigh of relief wink

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