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“Urgent” thread in Feminism

(17 Posts)
AmazingPostVoices Thu 21-Jun-18 02:50:28

Hi Nightwatchers, can you please have a look at this thread? It needs shutting down.

UatuTheWatcher Thu 21-Jun-18 03:02:31


NiteWotcha Thu 21-Jun-18 03:03:01

Hi Amazing

do you mean the free circus one?

I'll keep on eye on it, but the Nightwatch really only have remit to zap horrendous trolls etc etc.

I just wish folk wouldn't engage with the GFs...confused

NiteWotcha Thu 21-Jun-18 03:04:29

oh thanks Uatu must have been another one.

AmazingPostVoices Thu 21-Jun-18 03:15:56

Thanks Uatu much appreciated.

NiteWotcha it was a poo troll. <sigh>

NiteWotcha Thu 21-Jun-18 03:20:19

envy < not envy

sigh, indeed

Monty27 Thu 21-Jun-18 03:34:33

Well either it's already been pulled or it's Mumsnet filling my phone with so many adverts I can't download it.

NiteWotcha Thu 21-Jun-18 03:37:14

now debating what to do about ElliePhant...

Uata, what do you think?
I just hid one thread they started...

NiteWotcha Thu 21-Jun-18 03:37:49


ANightWatcher Thu 21-Jun-18 03:45:25

Have you pulled the thread I can't see any by them NiteWotcha

NiteWotcha Thu 21-Jun-18 03:49:25

I pulled one about them getting off on female orgasm...hmm

Ellie is being a GF across the Feminism board, but they are not blatantly offensive...yet. (apart from the the thread I zapped which would have gone south very quickly)

NiteWotcha Thu 21-Jun-18 03:51:20

also these

NiteWotcha Thu 21-Jun-18 03:52:32

actually I just pulled that last one...because spam?

NiteWotcha Thu 21-Jun-18 03:52:57

will keep my eye on them

ANightWatcher Thu 21-Jun-18 03:56:12

Definitely worth watching

NiteWotcha Thu 21-Jun-18 03:59:28

thanks ANightW brew

fight the good fight, eh wink

UatuTheWatcher Thu 21-Jun-18 12:25:30

Sorry folks I fell asleep.

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