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Retail Search Underwear Troll

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MNHQ have commented on this thread.

Weezol Thu 14-Jun-18 01:00:35

Has a couple of threads running . I've reported both.

BellaJessica Thu 14-Jun-18 01:02:06

I commented on their post. Feel stupid i never recognise trolls.

SausageEggAndChips Thu 14-Jun-18 01:03:20

Also sports day in knickers hmm

AssassinatedBeauty Thu 14-Jun-18 01:08:03

Just seen that one and reported it, urgh.

ANightWatcher Thu 14-Jun-18 01:21:26

Can you supply the posters name or link to the threads. We really need a bit more info to find the threads you're referring to

Weezol Thu 14-Jun-18 01:23:06

It'a regular troll on here. Please report threads if you're suspicious - worst case is that MN will check the poster and, if they're genuine, MN will let you know by email. The OP will never know they were reported.

AssassinatedBeauty Thu 14-Jun-18 01:23:46

This one:

Cliques before school starts?

FissionChips Thu 14-Jun-18 01:24:09

CherryA33 Is the username .

AssassinatedBeauty Thu 14-Jun-18 01:25:11

And this one:

Retail worker freaked out by

ANightWatcher Thu 14-Jun-18 01:25:32

Found them and deleted them

AssassinatedBeauty Thu 14-Jun-18 01:28:46

There's this one as well:

Teenager and laziness

Same exact post as the Cliques one.

ANightWatcher Thu 14-Jun-18 01:35:53

She's certainly persistant

YetAnotherBeckyMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 14-Jun-18 09:01:54

Thanks @Weezol and to the lovely NWers for hiding the (many) threads from this one - it was a bit like playing whack-a-(knicker)troll. flowers

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