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Just wondering about a couple of late night threads...

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BlackBeltInChildWrangling Fri 25-May-18 04:05:17

It seems everyone is interested in tights again over in AIBU and Style and Beauty tonight. Hopefully legitimate hosiery quandaries, but maybe you could take a look.

NiteWotcha Fri 25-May-18 04:54:02

Thanks BlackBelt

One was a zombie thread, activated by a spammer, so I hid the message. The thread itself is deffo a bit dodgy, but not vile or anything, so I'll report and let HQ have a look in the morning.

The S&B one, I'm leaving up - again, not particularly offensive (unless you are into tights etc. and the OP may well be but...)

But really, thanks for the heads-up - appreciate it smile

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