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Note: This topic is primarily for users to flag spam and glaringly obvious trolls to the Night Watch team. If there's a poster who's really worrying you, please do report it to MNHQ in the usual way.

Spammer on aibu thread

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PortiaCastis Tue 20-Sep-16 00:17:05

There is a spammer on aibu thread titled my horrible daughter
Needs to be shown the door

WatcherOfTheNight Tue 20-Sep-16 00:17:28

Will check it out

PortiaCastis Tue 20-Sep-16 00:22:06

Thanks the post is the last one and was posted at 23.59

DramaAlpaca Tue 20-Sep-16 00:25:53

If it's the same one I've just reported, it's actually in Relationships not AIBU. It's another weird spell casting one that pop up every now & then. Most odd.

WatcherOfTheNight Tue 20-Sep-16 00:29:21

Took me a while but I've found it !
I've also seen this type of post before Alpaca,they seem to crop up every now & then promising miracles for one thing or another.hmm

PortiaCastis Tue 20-Sep-16 00:31:06

Oh yes sorry it is the one in relationships. It's gone now
Thank you

PortiaCastis Tue 20-Sep-16 00:33:03

Mumsnet miracles has a nice ring to it !!

DramaAlpaca Tue 20-Sep-16 00:35:45

If only life were so simple grin

PortiaCastis Tue 20-Sep-16 00:39:59

grin yes a miracle would be me getting up in the morning

WatcherOfTheNight Tue 20-Sep-16 00:42:16

Yes It does Portia,it will be a MN Miracle if that's the only one they post tonight!grin
They usually resurrect Zombie threads.

DramaAlpaca Tue 20-Sep-16 00:42:39

I hate mornings, but I have work so I'd better head to bed as well. Night all.

WatcherOfTheNight Tue 20-Sep-16 00:42:58

Goodnight,sleep well.

woowoowoo Tue 20-Sep-16 00:44:14

Why was that post a spammer? How did you know? I was reading with interest.

Lorelei76 Tue 20-Sep-16 01:11:00

Spell casting? As in " I'd like to turn my colleague into a toad" spell casting?

WatcherOfTheNight Tue 20-Sep-16 01:16:33

It's a PBP selling spells/potions etc.
Usually posting in broken English & promising to heal anything from illness to heartbreak.

Woo they are not genuine & are well known to HQ for spamming.

Lorelei76 Tue 20-Sep-16 11:04:02

oh wow
do any of them work? wink

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