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Disgusting racist thread

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PortiaCastis Mon 13-Jun-16 00:33:47

Theres a thread in AIBU which contains blatant racism and other awful posts about shooting the Queen and it needs closing ASAP

Justbeingnosey123 Mon 13-Jun-16 00:36:06

There's another one there about bombing the neighbours!

Alisvolatpropiis Mon 13-Jun-16 00:37:31

It's been closed whilst hq look at it.

Anightwatcher Mon 13-Jun-16 00:38:49

I've removed the thread for MNHQ to look at tomorrow

Can you highlight the bombing one

PortiaCastis Mon 13-Jun-16 00:41:19

Thanks. It was closed while was typing

Justbeingnosey123 Mon 13-Jun-16 00:42:16

I have reported the bombing one again but this is the title

ganised the street party should have invited my elderly parents who have lived on the street for forty tears84

BeBesideTheSea Mon 13-Jun-16 00:44:42

The 'bombing' one is in no way the same - it is a throw away 'jokey' comment along the lines of "I could kill them" which some posters seem to have got very overwrought about.

MistressMerryWeather Mon 13-Jun-16 00:47:36

God love you Anightwatcher, I can't imagine how tricky it is with so many threads. chocolate

Is it just you tonight?

Alisvolatpropiis Mon 13-Jun-16 00:54:54

I'm not sure "I'm enjoying imaging seeing their limbs fly through the air" is a particularly lighthearted comment, to be honest.

BeBesideTheSea Mon 13-Jun-16 00:58:57

Fair enough - I hadn't read the latest posts from the OP.

Anightwatcher Mon 13-Jun-16 01:01:46

I've removed the other thread too. If several people are getting upset enough to post here about it that's good enough for me. I'd rather err on the side of caution and hide it and let MNHQ make the final decision

Anightwatcher Mon 13-Jun-16 01:03:14

Mistressmerry It's not bad I must admit

Alisvolatpropiis Mon 13-Jun-16 01:03:37

Hope the rest of your night is uneventful Anightwatcher.

Anightwatcher Mon 13-Jun-16 01:04:49

Me too smile

I'll be around for a while if anything else crops up

MistressMerryWeather Mon 13-Jun-16 01:10:46

I have to say it's great to see this on a Sunday night.

It feels like MNHQ have really taken on board what everyone was saying before.

Hurrah for the Night Watch (very Pratchett). smile

goddessofsmallthings Mon 13-Jun-16 01:24:01

An incredible painting. I wish I was in Amsterdam looking at it now instead of staring at a pile of reports that must be completed by 11am today.

MistressMerryWeather Mon 13-Jun-16 01:29:24

Why thank you Goddess.

Wrong thread? grin

ilovesooty Mon 13-Jun-16 01:37:47

Not a wrong thread. I believe it's a reference to "The Night Watch" in the Rijksmuseum.

MistressMerryWeather Mon 13-Jun-16 01:41:53

Oh bum! Sorry. My uncultured butt didn't pick up on that. grin

I have now Googled and it is indeed a wonderful painting.

I am more booky than arty. blush

Again, sorry Goddess. I thought it was a humorous wrong post.

MistressMerryWeather Mon 13-Jun-16 01:45:46

Also thank you for saving me from myself Sooty. grin

ilovesooty Mon 13-Jun-16 21:38:01


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