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my cat doesn't seem very well...

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littleshinyone Tue 17-Jan-12 19:38:38

she's 3ish (rescue) and is usually very excitable, sociable, and pesters like anything for her dinner!

we've recently started building an extension, and while she's seemed a bit peeved that it's a bit harder to get in and out of her cat flap, it hasn't 'upset' her in that way that cats get strung out about things...

for the whole of today my husband has noticed she's been very quiet, sleeping a lot, and seems exhausted in herself. Not interested in eating and drinking, but still seems to want to be around us and moves around comfortably- even happily deciding to sit near the toddler when she was in a playful mood!

she doesn't have a litter tray, so we don't know whether her guts are playing up... (did have a little sick a few days ago, but has been well for 48h in the mean time).

We're thinking it could be 1. drinking out of the toilet (oh that lovely pasttime they have) 2. licking wet concrete off her paws 3. possibility she was in contact with some spilt lime 4. a normal non- building related gastric virus or general lurgy...

any one got any ideas? she doesn't seem 'unwell' but is just really not herself. At what point/ after how long would you think about seeing the vet- can't see they'd do much for her at the moment...

thanks for your help

Kormachameleon Tue 17-Jan-12 19:41:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WellBlowMeDown Tue 17-Jan-12 19:53:34

Is she eating and drinking? If not, take her to the vet as soon as you can. Is her third eyelid up at all?

BibiBlocksberg Tue 17-Jan-12 19:59:37

I've learnt to err on the side of caution with my two when they're displaying a marked change in behaviour.

While it could be the change of routine upsetting her, the not eating and drinking is the most cause for concern.

Try coaxing a bit - warming her food up to body temperature, offering tuna juice mixed with water (if she's fond of tuna) offering firm favourites and lots of fuss.

If she's still not interested by tomorrow morning I'd get her checked over by the vet especially with the possible addition of concrete.

I used to feel like a mother with a precious first born, dragging them to the vet at the first sign of illness but cats are sneaky buggers and hide the fact they're not well until it becomes really obvious.

Times like this I do wish they were more like dogs (who seem to have no trouble in revealing a hurt or an illness at times)

Cuddles and purrs to your furry girl!

floweryblue Tue 17-Jan-12 20:05:50

Another vote for a visit to the vet.

littleshinyone Tue 17-Jan-12 20:27:49

thanks everyone. since typing, she does seem to have picked up a bit, and has eaten some of the meaty stuff in her bowl- phoned vet and we'll see them first thing in the morning.

thanks for your advice... glad other people don;t think i was being too neurotic!!

BibiBlocksberg Tue 17-Jan-12 20:31:23

I had this just before Christmas with my little smudge. Not eating, lethargic but still interested in her surroundings, third eyelids up on both eyes.

All she would accept were good girl catnip drops and some tuna water.

Vet said she might have eaten something bad but couldn't diagnose anything definite.

Four days of coaxing and fuss and catnip drops later she was right as rain but still glad I took her in.

Not sure why, but I never begrudge the vet fee for the peace of mind of knowing they're not likely to expire in the next 24 hours.

Sometimes I swear the little blighters go off colour for a while just to check they're still loved and cared about smile

<gets fussy cat mother coat, slinks out>

littleshinyone Tue 17-Jan-12 20:34:18

Thanks Bibi!

It's nice to have a good story of something similar, even though everyone else is right to be cautious too!

I'll let you all know what the vet says!

floweryblue Wed 18-Jan-12 20:35:33

What did the vet say?

littleshinyone Sat 21-Jan-12 03:45:52

hi everyone! hard to believe that was Tusday and it's the weekend now (well, in a few hours!...) Thanks for your help and sorry for not getting back sooner- annoying when people do that smile

she was looking much better by the morning, but still not totally right and then made the usual recovery- on- arrival- at- vet's!!

has taken a few days to get back to full strength, but totally herself now... her ear came up a bit inflammed on weds so we wonder if she'd been psyched out by a fight or something too...

still. we'll never really know now will we!!

Miaow for now!

floweryblue Sun 22-Jan-12 20:56:42

So pleased all is well smile

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