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How to look after 8 week old kitten

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soandsosmummy Fri 04-Nov-11 08:52:50

We got a kitten last night. Id rather she'd stayed with her mum a bit longer but the family who had her were adamant she had to go at 8 weeks as they weren't going to keep kittens a moment longer as they couldn't afford to feed them (we offered to pay for food but they wouldn't take it they just wanted rid sad ) They implied they'd be putting htem outside and letting them go at 8 weeks.

She's tiny and fluffy and beautiful. She eats solid food and uses litter tray and climbs a bit but somehow I feel she's not quite ready for a world without mum yet.

I feel so guilty dragging her away so soon but not sure what to do for the best. I've never had a kitten under 10 weeks before what special care does this one need?

ColdSancerre Fri 04-Nov-11 09:02:23

grin are there other kittens or have they found homes for them all? Tell me you didn't give these people money?

I am not sure what you need to do differently. If she's eating OK and pooing and weeing in her tray then just care for her as you would for a 10 week old.

ColdSancerre Fri 04-Nov-11 09:02:46

That was meant to be shock not grin

Marlinspike Fri 04-Nov-11 09:07:25

My 2 sisters are now 13 weeks - I got them at 9 weeks, and boy do they grow up quickly!

I would suggest giving her a quiet room or space that she can feel safe in - my utility room next to the kitchen has the food, litter tray and beds in. My 2 spent the first few days pretty much based in here, tentatively exploring further each day. When I picked them up I brought home an old towel that smelt of their mum, but unfortunately they wee'd on that on day 1 so the comforting smell had to be washed off! With regard to feeding mine are on 3 meals a day (half a pouch of kitten food per kitten each meal + unlimited dried food). They have put on weight nicely since we go them on this regime.

You will also need to get her down to the vet for her first set of jabs - the next set will be at 12 weeks, and she will be able to go outside about 10 days after that. Tomorrow will be my kitties first trip outside (unless it's raining, in which case I won't be going with them!). The vet says they can be spayed between 4 - 6 months, although she doesn't think they will come into season until next spring. My vet gave me a starter pack with some worm tablets (required monthly until 6 months as they can pick up worms from their mum whilst feeding) and flea treatment.

I know an 8 week old seems so tiny, but they do grow really fast, and I am sure that within a few days your little kitty will be exploring and getting up to mischeif! Mine have learned how to get onto my worktops in the last couple of days!

soandsosmummy Fri 04-Nov-11 09:19:00

Thanks for reassurance. No we did not give them a penny. There were 3 other kittens and two of them had already gone at 7 weeks. The other I got them to keep for a few more hours and asked my friend who works with cat protection legaue to fetch which i know she did. Its very sad because i think the mother cat is already pregnant again sad

ColdSancerre Fri 04-Nov-11 09:55:18

Why do they do this? sad poor little things. There are such idiots in the world.

Marlin please reconsider letting 13 week old kittens outside. They don't need to go out at that age they'll be perfectly happy indoors, and more to the point safe. I wouldn't recommend letting cats out until a few weeks after they've been neutered.

soandsosmummy Fri 04-Nov-11 11:47:59

sad sad

just had an email from friend. She says that when she went to take kitten it was blatantly obvious to her mother was pregnant again and when she told the family they just asked her to take mother was well as they didn't want more kittens.

That poor cat - she's only 18 months herself and this is apparently her third pregnancy.

As for our little kitten she's fast asleep on sofa next to me

ColdSancerre Fri 04-Nov-11 11:56:36

At least she's with CP now and after this litter she won't have anymore. She can just get on with enjoying being a cat in a nice home.

tabulahrasa Fri 04-Nov-11 12:03:02

My littlest cat (she's one now) I took at 6 weeks sad (her mum's exactly a year older than her and she was from her second litter hmm)

I put her in a cupboard, lol, it's an under stairs one that's the same height as me and runs the length of my living room - it was to keep my existing cat away from her when I was out or in bed, I put her bed, food water and litter tray in there and I did that for a good few weeks after my older cat had accepted her just to keep her from hurting herself doing something stupid.

Other than that she was fine, she'd been weaned on to dry food so I just left it down (which was what my other cat was on anyway) so if yours is in meat you'll want to feed her little and often and mine was a bit clingy for a couple of weeks (understandably so) but we've had no problems with her being that young.

MrsDanverclone Fri 04-Nov-11 17:33:03

It sounds as though she's much better off and safer with you, than if she'd got extra time socialising with mum in a irresponsible home sad

She just needs regular meals to help her grow, lots of love and security, which you are obviously providing, since she's happily asleep on the sofagrin

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