If you were feeding your cat Applaws what have you switched too?

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caffeinated Tue 22-Jun-21 16:47:31

I did so much research when we got a kitten a year ago and decided Applaws dry was best for us. Kitten had eaten Go Cat prior to coming to us and we had no issues switching. When she turned a year we moved to Applaws adult and luckily haven’t been effected like so many have. I need to switch her food but love the grain free and the high meat content of Applaws. So looking for recommendations.

Thank you.

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dementedpixie Tue 22-Jun-21 16:51:23

Encore is made by the same manufacturer and is a cheaper version of applaws. Doesn't seem to be on the list. I also use thrive dry which is 90% meat and grain free

SoupDragon Tue 22-Jun-21 16:52:27

I've not used Applaws but my cats are generally happy with Lily's Kitchen dry (although they can be fickle)

UseHerName Tue 22-Jun-21 19:36:32

Oooh I was just logging in to start the same thread. My cat is 15 so I need a ‘senior’ version

ScottishNewbie Wed 23-Jun-21 00:10:03

Thrive is the best on the market and they have officially started that they have no affiliation with the affected factory. They used to manufacture food for M&S so in a human grade factory.
I fed one bag of Applaws two months ago and I am terrified.

My boys have eat Thrive usually. They love it. I alternate between the three flavours each month.

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