Possible new cats coming to visit

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dancemom Tue 22-Jun-21 08:42:01

We are looking to adopt 2 new cats, male 4 and female 3. Cats were displaced following a incident at home and are currently with a foster carer. However as owner won't be able to return to their home for a considerable period of time owner would rather they were adopted than in long term foster care.

Owner is bringing them for a visit this weekend to check us out. We are very excited but is there anything I should have in advance?

I don't want to buy main items as owner has said he will give us all the cats items such as littler trays, carriers, toys, scratch poles etc. I also don't want to buy much and come across as presumptive or buy items and the adoption falls through but I might purchase a toy or two?

Also i have asked about litter they use, food they like and their health records / pet passport / vaccines etc. Is there anything else I should ask?

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