Cat suddenly going missing for days!

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Livingmagicallyagain Mon 21-Jun-21 12:09:47

Help! Is this normal and can we do anything about it?

2 year old neutered tom cat, we got him at 4 months from rescue centre. Affectionate, friendly, really lovely cat. He came to us in the autumn 2019 and we kept him in until Spring 2020 then he tentatively started exploring our garden then our estate. Made other cat friends. Over winter he stayed in most of the time. Even in this nicer weather he preferred our garden though he visits lots of people on the estate.

We can't get a cat flap but he's always home around 10pm and he had only ever stayed out overnight once or twice, always back at our kitchen door at 6am.

2 months ago I noticed he wasn't eating at much so I suspected he's getting food elsewhere. I know this can be normal.

2 weeks ago he suddenly went missing. I was beside myself. 3 nights! From being super attached to us to 3 nights away! We gave up hope, kids upset. Then someone posted a photo of him on the estate WhatsApp! He didn't seem that excited to see us but was fine once home. Kept him home a few days the he was out as normal, home at night.

Then this weekend the same thing happened! 3 nights away, and we only got him back as he was visiting a cat friend and they kept him in til we arrived. They don't ever keep him overnight.

Is this it now? Is there anything we can do?

We're going away soon and usually bring him. For various reasons we have to make this trip for one week. What if we can't find him before our deadline to leave?! How do people manage this?

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Livingmagicallyagain Tue 22-Jun-21 06:26:31

Hopeful bump

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Inthesameboatatmo Tue 22-Jun-21 06:43:36

Hi op ,I have a 6 year old tom .
He can go for days sometimes up to a week ,it worried me at first but then I found out he was visiting some other houses in my street.
Could that be what is happening?

chipshopElvis Tue 22-Jun-21 06:55:16

If he's not back before you go then leave shelter and ask a neighbour to leave food. We have always had a cat flap for the cat, our current one goes through the wall. I would find it hard to manage without.

Goingplacestogether Tue 22-Jun-21 07:00:38

He’s a community cat. I have one of those. Visits everyone. Recently a neighbour got a puppy and said they wanted to get him used to my cat so that her visits to them didn’t stop grin

Livingmagicallyagain Tue 22-Jun-21 07:21:43

Thank you! I’m glad he’s safe and happy! But it seems such a sudden change, from one day to the next!

Yes, we have a cat house for him outside and neighbours have agreed to look after him when we are on holiday.

We definitely can’t have a cat flat but managed ok the past year without one.

The neighbourhood kids all had a great adventure with him yesterday, they “found” him on the green in front of our house and all helped DH “rescue” him 😂

They’re such strange creatures!

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Fluffycloudland77 Tue 22-Jun-21 16:22:49

Why can’t you have a flap?.


Livingmagicallyagain Wed 23-Jun-21 06:05:03

It's an airtight house, mortgage/house insurance based on this for its energy rating (not in UK so may be different there).

We manage without it though.

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Fluffycloudland77 Wed 23-Jun-21 07:16:22

Oh lord. Or not if he’s wandering off if he can’t come in straightaway.

I can see this happening here then if that’s the case.

violetbunny Wed 23-Jun-21 09:00:43

Is there any chance someone thinks he is a stray so is feeding him? Does he wear a collar with a tag?

Could you get a tracking collar? We use Tail It for our cats.

Livingmagicallyagain Wed 23-Jun-21 12:57:51

We had zero issues until 2 weeks or so ago, he just miowed to be let in between 7 and 10pm.

He's gone away on weekend adventures twice now, not in a row. I'll see if it's a pattern. At the moment he's back to his usual popping home several times a day!

He does have a collar. Everyone on the estate knows him as he's super friendly!

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Fluffycloudland77 Wed 23-Jun-21 13:04:03

I can see this being a problem here too, we’re moving towards sealed houses as well.

I suppose we will all have to cat proof our gardens or build catios.

CornforthWhiteH Wed 23-Jun-21 13:05:34

Build a catio. Keep him safe.

Livingmagicallyagain Wed 23-Jun-21 13:42:03

He has an external cat house and we let him out on advice of our vet so he can make friends with other cats (if he wants to, which he does though he definitely prefers the house just to himself to chill/have all the attention!).

I don't think a catio would work as we have windows, a front door, a back door etc. And we're not rich!

We keep him safe by chipping, nutering, home at night, good food, enabling him to run around/be healthy, regular check ups etc. Quiet family friendly estate. The rescue centre interview you and provide a lecture before you're allowed to adopt so I'm confident were offering him the safest environment we can.

It seems PP was right, he's a community cat during the summer! Anyone else have one?

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Livingmagicallyagain Wed 23-Jun-21 13:44:48

Thought he was off on an afternoon adventure somewhere but just found him in front of the house like this! He generally stays very close which is why his weekends away were a surprise.

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Theunamedcat Wed 23-Jun-21 13:51:30

Buy catnip he will never leave your garden plus all his friends will come visit

It sounds like he has a house that likes to keep him at weekends maybe they work all week can you put a tracker collar on him? My local councillor has one on her cat as he likes to wander a bit

Livingmagicallyagain Wed 23-Jun-21 13:57:01

Thank you @Theunamedcat catnip is a great idea!

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Livingmagicallyagain Wed 23-Jun-21 13:57:53

I'll look into a tracker however he has a safety collar. I'd worry the tracker would get caught.

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Confusedcatlady1 Wed 23-Jun-21 20:33:27

Do you think it may be worth putting a paper collar on him saying ‘please do not feed this cat’ and if he’s not getting fed he may return home rather than staying out for days on end?
One of my cats returned home after a long jaunt smelling of cigarettes and perfume - we joked at the time that she had gone on a wild weekend because we were too boring in our household.

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