Is there an idiots guide to getting a kitten

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TooStressyTooMessy Sun 20-Jun-21 19:47:39

Hi, we are looking into getting one or two kittens but have no idea where to start sensibly. I am wary of supporting dodgy backyard breeders / kitten farms (not even sure they are as much of a thing with cats though?). Would happily get rescue but there is just nothing available anywhere near us.

We have two kids age 8 and 10. Our beloved cat died and we had her for 15 years and could not have loved her more. We are in no rush as want to get it right but house is empty without a cat sad.

I’ve looked online and understandably most of the advice is to adopt. I have no problem with that at all but if we can’t do that are there any websites etc to avoid?

I’ve seen the Cats Protection kitten checklist which is great but seems to rely on us actually finding a kitten first.

Thanks for any advice.

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Reallyreallyborednow Sun 20-Jun-21 19:53:40

I am wary of supporting dodgy backyard breeders / kitten farms (not even sure they are as much of a thing with cats though?

It’s totally a thing. I have an ex kitten farm cat and she came to is at 18 months old having been kept in a bare dark space having litter after litter.

As for a kitten, i would seriously consider an older cat, even 8-9 months old. Kittens are all friendly and playful, you have no idea what they’ll be like as an adult. They may turn into a stand off always out hunter. An older cat is more of a known quantity personality wise. I’ve had one kitten that grew up completely different, all my other cats have been older and so much easier.

Try local rescues- fb pages etc.

TooStressyTooMessy Sun 20-Jun-21 19:57:14

8-9 month old would be absolutely fine. Lots on Facebook but all seem a bit dodgy but I will take another look.

Thanks for your reply, sad to hear they are a thing but want to be prepared so knowledge is good.

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floppybit Sun 20-Jun-21 20:21:38

If you get kittens please get a pair, they love having a pal to play with

TooStressyTooMessy Sun 20-Jun-21 20:34:53

We would love to get a pair of kittens smile. Just seems hard to get it right as I can find lots of adds for kittens at £££ but seemingly with no health checks etc. We really don’t actually want a pedigree. Our old cat was as a result of an accidental pregnancy of the cat of someone we knew. We didn’t need to do any research etc. She was a standard moggy cat and was just amazing.

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DeeDeeTheDragon Sun 20-Jun-21 20:37:13

We have just managed to find a pair of kittens at a rescue centre. My advice would be to try the smaller, local rescue centres. They don't tend to put kitten availability on their websites, but if you call or email you might be lucky.

TooStressyTooMessy Sun 20-Jun-21 20:54:47

Oh that is good to know DeeDee, how exciting for you!

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Reallyreallyborednow Sun 20-Jun-21 20:58:11

If you get kittens please get a pair, they love having a pal to play with

Many grow up to hate each other though. Or merely tolerate. Adult cats are solitary, if you have plenty of space two will be fine, but they do need their own territory.

EachandEveryone Sun 20-Jun-21 21:24:55

Mine dont they are fine in a flat with outside space. As long as they can be in separate rooms😃 they certainly dont spend all day fighting.

TooStressyTooMessy Sun 20-Jun-21 21:40:11

Yes this is my worry, what if they grow up to hate each other. I do wonder about a pair of adult cats instead then you know character. It’s just finding them!

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EachandEveryone Sun 20-Jun-21 21:46:23

I meant mine don’t hate each other, I feel so much better going to work or away knowing that they aren’t on their own, a bonded pair of young cats would be nice.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 20-Jun-21 22:17:20

Have you tried

TooStressyTooMessy Sun 20-Jun-21 23:03:07

Oh, good to know yours don’t hate each other EachandEveryone!

I’ve just looked on now, it looks helpful thank you Fluffy.

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ScottishNewbie Mon 21-Jun-21 11:35:42

100% get a pair.
I prefer boys and (all my vets over the years have quietly said they prefer males also, as they tend to be a bit more predictable personality-wise although I know there's some gorgeous girls on here). Also, neutering is a breeze. (I always do mine at 4 months as I do 100% believe it helps behaviourally and with things like spraying. Mine haven't sprayed once since I got them at 9 weeks.

They have been best friends since day 1.
Here's a photo of them yesterday just having a little lick haha

I highly recommend Blue Cross as they have their kittens in foster homes so they get a bit more socialization than some of the others.

Prepare for them to hide for about a week. Normal! Having them in a smaller room is helpful as it's less overwhelming and then gradually open up the house.

Pet plan is the best insurance, and 100% insure. You never know what can pop up.
One of my boys has a string fetish and are half a meter last year grin

TooStressyTooMessy Mon 21-Jun-21 18:38:42

Aww how lovely your cats are Scottish. I will check out Blue Cross thank you.

Definitely agree Petplan is the best.

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OnceUponARainbow Thu 24-Jun-21 06:59:26

Following as we are in similar position, lost our lovely cat last lo the and would like to get a pair of cats/kittens over the summer. We have only ever had one from a kitten, and she turned out to be the most unfriendly cat so I am a bit a wary of getting kittens where obv you don’t know their temperament.

TooStressyTooMessy Fri 25-Jun-21 21:45:09

Awww best of luck finding them Once flowers

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Toddlerteaplease Fri 25-Jun-21 22:26:09

Unfortunately kitten farming is very much a thing. Two of mine were breeding queens rescued from one. It's caused no end of problems for them.

TaVeryMuchLove Fri 25-Jun-21 22:26:48

Buy a tube of germolene antiseptic cream. Kitten claw scratches hurt like a bitch!

Igmum Fri 25-Jun-21 22:33:04

We've just adopted a pair of kittens (brother and sister) from the RSPCA. They were fostered and are wonderfully sociable so far (one week in so fingers crossed).

TooStressyTooMessy Sat 26-Jun-21 15:15:59

Thanks all! I will keep searching then and will get some Germolene grin.

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redglobox Sat 26-Jun-21 17:30:23

We've been trying to adopt a pair of kittens for months. Registered everywhere and not a peep. I saw some at somewhere like RSPCA yesterday (a long way away) and it said families with secondary school children only. Those who have managed to adopt, how did you do it? Are you supposed to phone every week? The only smaller local rescue I've found has had one set of kittens in that period and about a billion people wanting to adopt them.

Reallyreallyborednow Sat 26-Jun-21 19:08:14

Where are you? A rescue I follow on fb has just put out a post saying they’re desperate for homes and fosterers as they’re overflowing.

You may get more luck if you go for slightly older cats instead of kittens- IMO they’re a better choice anyway as you can see their personality more and also miss the lunatic kitten phase. I’ll never get a kitten again, did it once, much better to get them about 6m or older.

TooStressyTooMessy Sat 26-Jun-21 21:43:53

redglobox yes similar experience here. Lots say children over 10/11 only.

Reallyreallyborednow, thank you but I never say where I live on here. Probably unnecessarily paranoid but I have asked for advice on family situations before and also occasionally post political rants about the NHS (I’m a HCP) so try to stay fairly anonymous. Yes, more than happy for slightly older cats. I will check the rescues again.

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