This isn't football, this is kittens playing football

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sashh Sat 19-Jun-21 06:36:16

I just had to share

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Magissa Mon 21-Jun-21 12:30:43

Very cute. Loved the yellow card moment smile

PhilSwagielka Wed 30-Jun-21 13:16:58


My cat is named after a footballer, Gary Speed. He behaves more like Jordan Pickford though. He's a decent goalkeeper.

PhilSwagielka Wed 30-Jun-21 13:19:38

Also, just realised they're British blue shorthairs. Those cats always remind me of Frank Lampard. It's the face shape.

KarlMaldensNose Wed 30-Jun-21 19:00:19

You have made mine, and several others peoples day with that
Absolutely fantastic thank you
Their little kits as well ❤️🤣

Cazzovuoi Wed 30-Jun-21 19:03:58

It’s the only type of football I would ever watch grin

Jocasta2018 Wed 30-Jun-21 19:50:08

That's really made me smilesmile
I loved how the cats were knocking the goals over!


KarlMaldensNose Wed 30-Jun-21 20:26:27

I have no words …….❤️❤️❤️❤️

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