Stringless toys - recommendations please!

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OodleLoodle Fri 18-Jun-21 10:12:26

Hi all, after an emergency op following my fluffy little terror eating string, promptly followed by him biting through a feather wand and eating the string, we're going string free!

Sadly their favourite toys are feather wands or fixed toys with dangling parts.

They have ball tracks, balls, plushies and other things to bat around, but does anyone have any real winners they recommend?

Especially would like something I can play with them with - I have a laser pen but they're more interesting in the pen rather than the dot!!!

Thank you!

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AnnaMagnani Fri 18-Jun-21 10:17:30

Kicker toys have always been v popular here - OK you can't play with them, it gets a bit vicious.

Some of our cats have also been v interested in this:

This is good as you can play with them as you can bat the balls around with them. Even our very elderly demented cat would be interested for a few minutes if you joined in.

Mumdiva99 Fri 18-Jun-21 10:20:23

My cat's favourite toy is a rubber dart from a toy gun. She can carry it around and we through it to play fetch - preferably on the stairs. (I did have to search e-bay to find a similar kids toy just to acquire a few more darts as spares!)

Her absolute favourite is nerf bullets - but they can be chewed and eaten so I don't recommend them. After finding the remains of one in cat sick we removed them from the house!!

OodleLoodle Fri 18-Jun-21 11:03:25

It's a nightmare what they think is edible isn't it???

Anna, that looks good - they love a ball track so imagine that will be as popular!

I was wondering about this:

but wonder if my two are too dim to see it activate!

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ViperAtTheGatesOfDawn Fri 18-Jun-21 11:16:04

You can get plush snakes on wands, my last cat was a fan of those.

Mine likes her holey box that I can put small balls and toys in for her to get out:

OodleLoodle Fri 18-Jun-21 11:33:23

Thanks Viper, we have plush wands but they don't like them!

Will try a peek a boo box, thanks!

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Mumdiva99 Fri 18-Jun-21 12:03:40

OodleLoodle can you buy the feather poking out the hole toy and then give us a review. If they don't like it I'll buy it off you for a fiver!! Lol.


Poppins2016 Fri 18-Jun-21 12:28:50

I also have a string eating cat, quickly learnt I just couldn't buy any toys made with string or elastic!

Something like this is great. I've had a similar toy that looks like a donkey tail on a stick for years and it still hasn't been destroyed!

Poppins2016 Fri 18-Jun-21 12:31:38

...just saw the comment about plush wands (believe it or not, technically cross posted as I got side tracked by my toddler!). My cat would agree, but makes an exception for plush + feathers, so I reckon something like the link I posted might still be OK!

OodleLoodle Fri 18-Jun-21 16:13:53

Haha shall do Mumdiva! Am just trying to make my mind up between that or this:

Those tail wands look great Poppins, will give it a whirl!

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ScottishNewbie Fri 18-Jun-21 16:21:46

The little foil crinkle balls are a fave in the house. Also the colourful springs (sound weird but cool) both from Amazon.

One of my boys eats strong, it's absolutely mental! He got down half a meter of black elastic once. So gross!

ScottishNewbie Fri 18-Jun-21 16:22:05

String* duh

OodleLoodle Fri 18-Jun-21 16:45:12

Oh I know! Here it was 30-40cm of that raffia type used on parcels, cue emergency op and then 30cm of the cat wand string the day he was releaaed from cage rest!!!

Those springs are fantastic, but they don't play with them, just collect them! - I scatter 30 or so around the house and then they bring them back to the desk over the nest 3-4days, very sweet!

His brother doesn't like the crinkle balls, one of the few things that causes growling (along with one specific drawer if its not left a smidge open, and if I use a broom by the food bowls - anywhere else is fine!!!)

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Babdoc Fri 18-Jun-21 16:58:06

My cat is very fond of two furry toy rat kickers, stuffed with catnip. But she is very embarrassed to be caught scuffing them or grooming them! She immediately drops them and tries to look nonchalant. “Me? Demean myself with toys? Never!”

GreenCat44 Fri 18-Jun-21 20:16:31

I have one of those laser things, it's the only toy mine never get bored of (everything else gets swapped, but this is always out). They do occasionally attack it when they get excited and use it as a kicker toy grin

squee123 Fri 18-Jun-21 20:18:48

Kong Kickeroo is popular hear. Also have you tried one of the wands with leather strands on the end? Less prone to being eaten I find

squee123 Fri 18-Jun-21 20:19:08

*here. Bloody autocorrect

Plump82 Sat 19-Jun-21 15:28:12

Both my cats love their bananas they do actually look like real bananas though so if you have visitors you make get strange looks when they spot them!

WirKindervomBahnhofZoo Sat 19-Jun-21 17:41:13

Rubber darts from toy gun - not just my weird cat then?

Mabelface Sat 19-Jun-21 17:58:35

If you have a b&m near you, look at tatty ratty.

OodleLoodle Mon 21-Jun-21 10:02:44

Ha thanks Plump, but they both have a thing for real bananas so wouldn't want to encourage them!

All great suggestions thank you! Am waiting for the feather robot to arrive!

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OodleLoodle Mon 28-Jun-21 23:41:05

@Mumdiva99 sorry, it got lost in the post, but it has arrived and my boys are entranced! They don't play with it exactly but just watch it do its thing.
Slightly annoying that its only on for 8 minutes at a time amd ot has a qerid thing where it senses light then comes on for a minute after 4 hours and then every 4 hours following, but my boys are too dim - they need longer than a minute to work out what's happening!!!

Also got feather wands with wire rather than string which are another great hit!

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