Grain free dry chicken cat food

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Moggymoggymogmogs Thu 17-Jun-21 22:39:40

Can anyone recommend a grain free dry food for the local cats rescue. My 2 furry horrors were tucking into Applaws chicken however that's now unobtainable and they don't have much left. I'll buy as many bags as it takes to find a food they--take one bite of and refuse-- like.

Bonus points if it can be ordered online.

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Toddlerteaplease Thu 17-Jun-21 22:43:52

Mine have Iams vitality. I'm not sure if it's completely grain free, but it's very low if not. My very sensitive cat tolerate it well.

TheSpottedZebra Thu 17-Jun-21 22:47:32

Have you seen this thread?

Unfortunately if you are not already aware of the issue of pancytopenia, you should be sad

chipshopElvis Thu 17-Jun-21 22:52:34

Oh yes ditch the old food quick! I've been feeding my kittens Purizon from zoo plus. They seem to like it.

Moggymoggymogmogs Thu 17-Jun-21 23:07:01

Yes I have seen that thread.
The recall is the reason why I now have a sealed 7.5kg sack of cat food in my outside bin and the mogs are going to go hungry soon unless they decide something else meets their exacting specifications.

The stuff they have in their dispenser is from a French factory so will be fine. Except I filled the dispenser with the last of the sack so they probably have about a week and a half left.

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MyMumTracyBeaker Thu 17-Jun-21 23:07:55

My boy adores the Feringa Sterilised Poultry dry food. He was ok with Royal Canin and hated the Yarrah dry food. You can buy the Feringa in trial packs too.

PawsQueen Thu 17-Jun-21 23:15:49

Lilys kitchen
Taste of the wild (zooplus) my cat thinks this is better than dreamies!
Meowing heads


Moggymoggymogmogs Thu 17-Jun-21 23:39:18

Have just ordered the smallest bag of everything grain free and chicken flavoured zooplus sell. The local animal rescue are going to love me- should have just skipped the middleman and got it all delivered to them instead really

Last time I changed their wet food which they occasionally get as a treat one of my cats sulked for 3 days. Literally. Everywhere you went you would have the cat looking at you. Toilet, yep. Bins, yep. Shed, yep.
I cracked and went back to the expensive stuff because between the cats and the kids I wasn't getting a chance to do ANYTHING without being watched. They're going to love me when they realise their food has changed. And the animal rescue got 2 boxes stuffed full of not that cheap cat food.

Anyone for a pair of cat slippers????

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Closetbeanmuncher Fri 18-Jun-21 09:03:32

Feringa dry from zooplus is good quality grain free and reasonably priced. My two baldies also love their grain free wet food.

Thrive from Amazon also grain free and 90% chicken.

TheBalletCats Fri 18-Jun-21 12:19:27

I’m fortunate to have delightfully unfussy felines, but offer another vote for Feringa; & Happy Cat is another great brand (I get their renal food for blond!cat, poor wee dote has genetic renal & dental issues).

HazeyJaneII Fri 18-Jun-21 12:27:07

Mine have James Wellbeloved grain free...
Until I changed to Applaws about 2 weeks ago, as they sold it in the shop opposite.
Kicking myself now, and cats back on JW, ordered from Fetch.

dementedpixie Fri 18-Jun-21 14:50:18

Mine like thrive dry and encore dry (although encore is made by the same people that make applaws but hasn't been said to be affected)

ScottishNewbie Fri 18-Jun-21 14:56:30

Thrive is the best on the market at the moment. I alternate between the Turkey and the Chicken. My boys eat mostly wet with some dry out at night. They took to it really well. I know dry food isn't great but I feel good knowing they are having the best.

It's not expensive either. I pay about £9 for 1.5kg on Amazon and it lasts a month.
I fill a small bowl every evening that my boys share.

dementedpixie Fri 18-Jun-21 15:19:24

Zooplus has thrive dry at the moment too

Plump82 Sat 19-Jun-21 15:30:24

Mine eat Arden Grange and both seem to really enjoy it. It seems to be the cheapest on Amazon.

25yearsnhsworker Sat 19-Jun-21 22:00:48

I did the same as you with zooplus, bought small bags to try. Fav here is purizon but the fish one.

Charlieandlola Sun 20-Jun-21 20:29:18

I’ve just bought meowing heads chicken from pets at home which my kitty is loving . On offer from pets at home - thrive chicken ordered from Amazon too

MrsHuntGeneNotJeremyObviously Sun 20-Jun-21 20:31:21

Encore dry food is nice. I mean, I haven't tasted it, but my incredibly fussy cat likes it.

Eleoura Sun 20-Jun-21 20:36:21

Coshida chicken dry food from lidl is cereal free. I actually buy it to feed hedghogs, but I always have neighbourhood cats trying to eat it too- so must be tasty.

Motorina Sun 20-Jun-21 20:41:13

Would this meet the bill? Mine seem to enjoy it.

claireb7rg Mon 21-Jun-21 12:39:17

Mine love both feringa and purizon (had them on applaws but stopped that last week)

CovidCorvid Mon 21-Jun-21 12:41:36

Mine both love Arden Grange

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