Missing indoor cat - help :-(

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Buttercup30 Fri 11-Jun-21 02:56:32

I’m writing this message and it’s my first post, I’ve seen how helpful this community is and how positive it’s been on previous posts I’ve read…

Anyway 9th June 5am we noticed our little Martha had gone missing. She is an indoor cat along with her brother and we live on a 1st floor flat. The windows are cat proofed but I’ve caught Bruce (her brother) the last few days really making a big deal
Of the bedroom one and this is the one she’s gone out of. I don’t think she jumped on purpose if I’m honest as she’s never interested in trying to get out she’s context say watching out of the window.

We noticed at 5am and I had gone to bed around 3am so she went missing inbetween these times we reckon.

We have put her carrier out along with a blanket of hers and also some smelly tuna and water.
I have just tonight out here litter out and scattered some around the estate we live on. The place where we live is full of thick bushes so it’s hard to get a proper look in. But we have been looking day and night. It’s coming up to 48hours and I just want my baby back! I miss her so so much it’s pure torture. If anyone has some stories that have happy endings please let me know. I’ve read so many tonight and it’s really helped keep me going.

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mayblossominapril Fri 11-Jun-21 04:19:40

I think she will be hiding. Have you thought about contacting cats protection to see if you can borrow a cat trap from them?

Silkiecats Fri 11-Jun-21 04:42:09

We had a cat like this who stayed indoors out of choice and one day she escaped out of the roof window. She was found a few days later in a neighbours house though a while later she had kittens so she must have got pregnant on that trip out. tbushock

Hope you find her soon. Maybe knock on neighbours doors or ask around or posters if not done already. If she is normally inside by choice might well be inside somewhere.

violetbunny Fri 11-Jun-21 08:13:50

She is most likely close by but scared - so may not come when called even if she does normally.

Your best bet is to do a physical search of neighbouring properties. Do it yourself if possible, don't rely on neighbours to look for you as no-one is likely to do as thorough a search as you will. Check under bushes, under houses etc.

Good luck

Lanique Fri 11-Jun-21 08:23:58

My friend's house cat disappeared for two days recently - his first foray out of the garden at the grand age of ten - and wandered back when hungry. Needless to say my friend was beside herself and searched everywhere but he was clearly hiding somewhere. I hope Martha returns safe and well soon x

Stickytreacle Fri 11-Jun-21 09:20:33

I have an ex feral housecat, who is terrified outdoors and reverts to feral behaviour. He was missing for four and a half months, but we kept on putting out food and after no signs for a couple of months we saw him on our wildlife camera. We trapped him the following night.
My advice would be to leave out a trap with smelly food inside, they can be purchased from mdc exports if you can't borrow one. One tip is to put fishing weights on the door rings or a spring as the door can be a bit slow to close. Videos on Youtube will help to give you an idea.

theemmadilemma Fri 11-Jun-21 09:25:41

I was going to suggest the litter, that's a good move.

I hope she finds her way home soon.


Blueballinthegarden Fri 11-Jun-21 09:28:28

My house cat had an adventure a few years back that lasted around 24 hours...scared the life out of me! He came back looking like he’d been on holiday and couldn’t be bothered to make it over the last (low) fence back into the garden so howled at me until I made the effort to retrieve him 🙄
Sounds like you’ve done all the right things, have you thought about ringing around local vets in case someone has reported her there? They might have some further tips for you as well.

Buttercup30 Fri 11-Jun-21 11:29:09

Thank you all so much for the useful tips and positivity.
I did call round bets yesterday as well as our local council. I guess I’ll have to keep calling every day to check if there has been any reports.
I do in my heart of hearts believe she is hiding and scared the past two days we’ve had gardeners trimming the bushes and mowing so that probably hasn’t helped with how scared she probably is.
I’m on the 1st floor flat so keep looking out every hour or so as well as going out and about with her favourite toy and treats but no luck yet.
I did read that cats have a threshold factor which is how long they are willing to hide until they actually get hungry etc. Tonight will be her 3rd night out. My friend is coming over and we’re going to go searching through a building site next to me as she may be there. It’s been empty for months now.

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Silkiecats Fri 11-Jun-21 12:29:34

Ours was in someone else's house in the end and had her own room and food supply though they had told the vets. It was about 3 houses down.

Have you got a local Facebook, maybe post something on there with a picture if you haven't already but would also definitely check neighbours if you have them. I would check inside places if she is naturally an inside cat. Mine would probably come out if I said tuna and had a tin as that is her favourite food though may get half the cats in the neighbourhood as well. Hope you find her soon.

JollyHolly30 Tue 22-Jun-21 01:55:50

Hi Buttercup, did your lovely cat return in the end? 🤞🏻

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