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Dilbertian Mon 07-Jun-21 10:01:40

Thinking ahead to the holidays, I plan to get a cat-sitter to come in once a day to put out fresh food and water for Mr FattyCat. He likes people, so I'll ask them to give him cuddles and grooming as well.

He gets both wet and dry food. Because he's such a fatty I feed him small amounts several times a day. This way he doesn't always eat his full allowance, whereas if I leave it all out he'll scoff the lot by lunchtime and beg for more. So I'm thinking of getting a slow feeder and a timer feeder.

Something like, particularly the one with multiple tubes - easier to fill and clean than the tower one.

Does anyone have a slow feeder for dry food or a 2-serving wet feeder that they can recommend?

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Mumdiva99 Mon 07-Jun-21 11:32:54

I have the food tree one on that page. I bought it to entertain my cats on wet days. We've only used it a few times. They seem to get it, but one can't be bothered and just wants to wait until I give in and put food in a bowl.

fyi - the tower one needs to be wiped with a cloth - it doesn't all come apart for cleaning.

Dilbertian Mon 07-Jun-21 22:43:53

I'm not sure the tower would be suitable for a lazy 10 year old cat who doesn't tend to play much alone.

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Mumdiva99 Tue 08-Jun-21 06:14:59

My two are still kittens (till next week - apparently then I have to refer to them as my dh reminded me yesterday. Lol.) It does require some agility.

If you buy a different one please came and put a review on here.

Dilbertian Sat 12-Jun-21 16:55:22

I bought the tube one and it works really well. FattyCat makes several visits to fish out and eat a few pieces of dry food at each visit, rather than snarfing the whole lot in one go. It will certainly reduce his overall intake, though I'm going to have to do something about the daft humans: they keep giving him more because it's fun to watch him hmm

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Dilbertian Mon 21-Jun-21 22:43:44

I also got this one. FattyCat is decidedly Not Impressed. He will only use it if he's desperate, and there often a few pieces of food left in the morning. Which means it's doing its job of getting him to eat less.

And it's also fun to watch him fish the food outgrin

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AnnaMagnani Tue 22-Jun-21 09:10:14

I got a Slow Feeder for Silky Cat. She was initially furious but eventually got over it.

She has all her dry food from it and it has definitely reduced the whinging as she used to inhale her food and then be bored and asking for more. Now she actually gets to feel full and we get some peace and quiet.

The other cat also gets to eat their food from a Microchip Feeder in peace.


ramarama Thu 24-Jun-21 15:17:22

I got this one. Works well

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