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Help please.. no sleep for a week with cats antics at night

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Pieinthesky24 Mon 15-Feb-21 20:29:01

I'd love some advice please.
We moved house a few months ago, we have a feisty, lovely, 9 year old cat who came with us. In the last week she has started scratching her claws on our bedroom doors all night. I've tried everything I can think of... giving her food, cuddles, safe space to be at night, access to outside( it is really cold atm though) but she continues to do this and we are all being woken up continually.
Last night I put her outside but she meowed so loudly outside the front door after 1 hour, that that also woke us up.
Any advice would be very welcome.
We are exhausted.
Thank you

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SatsumasOrClementines Mon 15-Feb-21 20:37:56

Scratches them when they’re closed or open?

Have you tried feliway plug ins?

LockdownCheeseToastie Mon 15-Feb-21 20:40:09

If she’s trying to get into your room, let her in. Cat bed on the floor. One of ours sleeps in our room every night and would hate to be shut out- she doesn’t disturb us.

Pieinthesky24 Mon 15-Feb-21 20:42:40

Thank you for your replies.
She scratches when they are open or closed.
I've put a cat bed in my room but she still scratches

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SatsumasOrClementines Mon 15-Feb-21 21:53:50

If she’s not trying to get in then she’s possibly scratching for a few possible reasons: need to scratch, boredom, anxiety.

Need to scratch:
Have you got enough tall, very sturdy cat scratchers?

Has she got interesting toys out, especially at night? (These might need changing every night/few nights.)
Is she getting enough attention from her humans?

Have you tried a feliway plug in?
Have you noticed any other cats hanging around in her territory or has she changed the amount of time she spends outside?

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