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Our beautiful Girl

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Adversane Wed 20-Jan-21 00:41:44

We had to make the devastating decision to let our beautiful Burmese girl go yesterday. She went downhill so quickly it was shocking and we are bereft. We were completely blessed to have had her for 19 years but this is so very hard to have lost her we love her so 💗 Our vets are wonderful but I can’t help feeling I let her down by letting her go but in truth the opposite would have been true. Just feel so sad.

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OliveHenry Wed 20-Jan-21 00:55:03

Oh, that's so sad to hear. For little furry creatures they leave a ridiculously large hole when they go.

I lost my old girl last March (just before lockdown) - she was 19 too. She'd had kidney problems for a while, so I knew it wouldn't be a good outcome, but the end came very quickly, which was a shock.

On reflection though I'm comforted by the knowledge that she wasn't suffering for long, and that I did the best I could for her. I'm sure you were the same with your lovely cat.

Do you have pictures of her? There's a lovely memorial thread on here somewhere where I'm sure others would love to hear about her.

Be kind to yourself - you did the right thing for her. It's ok to be sad (I'm in tears here now just thinking of my girl, even though it's 10 months ago), but remember the good times too. flowers

OliveHenry Wed 20-Jan-21 01:01:16

Here's the memorial thread:

Adversane Wed 20-Jan-21 01:02:05

Thank you @OliveHenry that’s very kind our girls are such a very important part of our lives aren’t they. Ironically she was my baby her ‘brother’ my older cat is 21 💗

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Mycatisthebest Wed 20-Jan-21 01:10:02

So sorry for you. Sendings hugs xxx

Adversane Wed 20-Jan-21 01:17:34

Thank you @Mycatisthebest just can’t sleep as I keep churning things over.

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Tavannach Wed 20-Jan-21 01:42:37

I'm so sorry. It's so difficult. flowers

Adversane Wed 20-Jan-21 08:12:15

Thank you @Tavannach

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Clarich007 Wed 20-Jan-21 08:20:13

So sorry to hear about your beautiful girl.It's so very upsetting.Lots of people don't understand, but I reckon all of us on here have been through it several times although it doesn't get any easier.
Be kind to yourself , give yourself time to grieve and remember the lovely life you gave her💐

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 20-Jan-21 08:38:34

I’m sorry, it’s never easy to lose them. You can’t let them suffer though.

You did the right thing.

Rupertpenrysmistress Wed 20-Jan-21 08:57:12

Very sorry op. That's the hard part of being a good cat owner.

Adversane Wed 20-Jan-21 11:02:23

Thank you so much @Clarich007 @Fluffycloudland77 @Rupertpenrysmistress really appreciate your kind words.

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Meezer2 Wed 20-Jan-21 11:18:24

Hi OP,
Sending love to you.
I've got two lovely Siamese fur kids and they are my world, I've had cats for thirty years and have lost a couple of darlings prior to the current two who I still miss greatly.
Comfort yourself with the knowledge of the life you had with your baby and allow your self time to grieve. Letting them go when it's time is so painful and difficult for us but it's the best thing for them as we don't want them to suffer.
I truly understand your pain and sadness.
Love and hugs. 💕

Vinorosso74 Wed 20-Jan-21 11:53:31

So sorry flowers I agree it is the hardest part of having a cat. 19 is an amazing age.

GarlicSoup Wed 20-Jan-21 17:48:20

Thank you @Meezer2 for the lovely words. Two Siamese how very lovely, we also had our beautiful girls sister who we sadly lost 2 years ago. 2 Burmese can be quite a fabulous handful so I can only imagine how life with Siamese is, always eventful 💗.

Thankyou @Vinorosso74 you’re right it was a wonderful age we were completely blessed to have her so long.

GarlicSoup Wed 20-Jan-21 17:52:19

Sorry I name changed to post on here as I didn’t think my usual ‘Garlicsoup’ was dignified enough for this thread.

Adversane was our beautiful girls ‘official’ name not her every day one so I decided to use that on this thread I promise I’m not an imposter 💗

Furries Wed 20-Jan-21 23:09:24

Am so sorry, they really do leave paw prints on our hearts 🐾💕🐾

Adversane Thu 21-Jan-21 13:41:20

Thank you so much @Furries they really do 💗

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