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Cat in granny flat - could this work?

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TheSpottedZebra Sun 17-Jan-21 23:53:04

What about an adult cat that needed an indoor only life?

Want2beme Sun 17-Jan-21 23:50:07

I'm not sure about being able to get the new cat to stay upstairs with your DM. She might have to collect him/her from your part of the house on a daily basis. No one tells a cat what to dogrin I agree that an older cat would be easier to manage, but do explain the situation to the rescue you adopt from, as they'll be able to match you with the best puss.

goldpendant Sun 17-Jan-21 23:21:59

Thanks all, good to know an older kitty is the way to go!

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pumpkinpie01 Sun 17-Jan-21 23:17:23

I second an older cat , kittens can be quite bitey. If she keeps it in for a few days then it should see the annexe as it's home but then again cats are a law unto themselves !

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 17-Jan-21 22:55:23

I think you’re better getting an elderly cat who just wants company rather than a kitten who wants to go out and party.

goldpendant Sun 17-Jan-21 22:53:36

We have a lovely boy cat (neutered), aged 1.5yrs.

My DM has moved into our top floor annexe flat. I know she would love a cat.

We have a catflap which I presume a new cat could share, and if she had it's food/litter etc upstairs, would the cat likely 'make home' upstairs, or would it be more likely to try to eat our cats food and hangout with us downstairs?

I'd love to get her a kitten but only if it was going to feel most like hers, and not a second one for us! I've no objections to a second, but I'd like mum to have it in her space in the evenings etc?

Could it work?

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