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Cat “sneezing”

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Bubblegum89 Thu 14-Jan-21 21:39:53

One of my cats has been doing this weird sneeze. It’s been happening for a few months now, she’s not in any distress with it and she isn’t ill. Still eating well, still attention seeking, still runs around chasing and play fighting with her sister etc. She’s doesn’t seem out of the ordinary at all so I’ve not been overly concerned.

It doesn’t sound like the noise they make when they’re coughing up a hair ball, it sounds like a human sneeze but more raspy, they come quickly and she might do it 8-10 times and only lasts maybe 10 seconds max. She does it a few times a week. Afterwards, she just kind of goes back to whatever she was doing.

I’m not sure if it’s worth taking her to a vet? Like I said, she’s not ill and is acting totally normally. She’s an indoor cat so I’m not worried that she’s picked anything up from being outside. I know vets can often give out unnecessary prescriptions so you pay them for expensive medication that wasn’t actually needed. Just wondered if anyone had had a similar experience and what it turned out to be? Just so I can avoid an unnecessary and expensive trip to the vets if there’s nothing medically wrong! (Obviously I will absolutely take her if it could be something she needs to be seen for though).

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Fatherbrownsbicycle Thu 14-Jan-21 22:03:23

Do you use air fresheners or plugins at all? could it be something like that?

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