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Cat bereavement

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boobingtonsmythe Mon 11-Jan-21 21:56:27

One of my closest friends is in the awful position of having her beloved cat put to sleep tomorrow. The cat has been unwell for a few months and been doing so well but has gone downhill really quickly in the past couple of days. My friend lives on her own and we live a couple of hundred miles from each other. Obviously I'm there for her to talk at any time and, unfortunately, know only too well what it's like to lose a beloved pet but I want to be able to do something more for her when the times comes. She is distraught. Is there anything you can think of that I can do for, or send to, my friend to help her at this very difficult time?

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AccidentallyRunToWindsor Mon 11-Jan-21 22:05:40

Mine was PTS last week and the nicest things I had were just the messages checking in on me every few hours.
I've had flowers and cards as well which are comforting. As much as I know she wasn't 'just a cat' there is always that worry that other people might think that. Flowers and cards showed me that others understood that I was grieving for a family member.

Larsingsong Mon 11-Jan-21 22:17:37

When my beloved cat was pts, the vet sent a sympathy card with a packet of forget me not seeds.

I thought that was a lovely idea, and one that could be planted as a long lasting memory of the cat

boobingtonsmythe Mon 11-Jan-21 22:40:55

Yes, that’s so true that you’ve lost a family member. I’m sorry you’ve both had to experience this too. I love the forget-me-nots idea. My friend loves pottering in her garden so that would be ideal. Thank you.

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Furries Tue 12-Jan-21 00:56:28

The forget-me-nots is a lovely idea (my vets did this too). And, as @AccidentallyRunToWindsor said, regular messages to let her know you’re there.

Being in lockdown on her own, this will probably hit her even harder than in “normal” times. Speaking from experience, knowing that there is someone lovely thinking about you, and at the other end of the phone, will mean a lot.

It’s good to know she’s got a great friend in you.

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 12-Jan-21 17:45:49

It was the cards I needed, only the vets sent a card. No one else did.

Worriesandwobbles Tue 12-Jan-21 18:24:58

This is so sad, what a kind friend you are for understanding how difficult this will be for her. I would say just allow her to talk it through as much and as often as she needs. I bought a tiny cat figure to put in my cats favourite spot in the kitchen. You could get a nice photo frame ?

AccidentallyRunToWindsor Tue 12-Jan-21 21:18:48

I'm sorry no one else did @Fluffycloudland77 I only had 2 along with the one from the crematorium. The one from the vets arrived today 😿 I had thought I might have had more if I am honest but I was very grateful for the ones I did get.

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